Client testimonials

"I have spent far too much time scouring the internet for payroll answers, only to worry if I have interpreted them correctly.  Now it only takes me five minutes and I know the answers will be correct"
Minna Brooke, Baby Bunting

"APA have been an excellent support service when dealing with payroll situations that are out of the normal day to day function.  Their response times are in most cases instant, and all the staff are a pleasure to deal with.

They beat any competitor 'hands down' and come highly recommended by our organisation.  It is great to know that payroll professionals can be part of such a valued and trusted association!"
Gina Tsotra, HUGO BOSS Australia Pty Ltd

I would recommend Australian Payroll Association to any business that wants to ensure they are kept up to date with changes relating to legislation, taxation, industrial relations and more.

They offer access to the latest information, training, best practice and many more resources when we need them.  I believe Australian Payroll Association is at the forefront of the payroll profession and believe they offer indispensable learning opportunities.

Their support is unrivalled and I have full confidence in their advice, knowledge and experience within the payroll arena."
William Withers, Campbell Arnotts

"I have absolutely nothing but respect for APA - I have supported them from almost day 1 and their knowledge, passion and commitment is fantastic.  I have loved watching them grow into a leading payroll organisation."
Michela Mitchell, Slade Group

"I have found APA to be second to none.  They're quickly on hand when you need a second opinion and anyone in payroll knows how important that is!  5 stars~!"
Kali Coats, Balance Professional Services

"I've been extremely happy with the payroll services provided by APA and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer service."
Susan Smith, Reject Shop Limited

"The team at APA is very helpful and knowledgeable in payroll matters.  I have personally found that APA is great at answering questions that I am not clear about, and having them as a sounding board if I need reassurance."
Sandra Kapsalis, Marrickville Council

"Fantastic organisation to be a part of that supports the Australian Payroll Industry.  The APA team are very helpful and eager to assist along with their honest and friendly approach.  Being part of this association definitely gives me a level of comfort that I can contact for assistance when needed."
Nicole Morrow, DuluxGroup (Australia) Pty Ltd

"The Australian Payroll Association provides a valuable resource to all Payroll Professionals with their regular updates to a range of payroll and employment related issues presented to us.  I rely on the excellent service provided by APA to inform me of the many changes and issues facing our industry."
Damian Membry, Monash University

"I have been using APA and their services for quite some time now and have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly in all instances."
Jenny Jackson, MSA (Aust.) Pty Ltd

"As a long term client of APA I have every confidence in their advice and knowledge.  I certainly won't be going to any other association.  The level of service provided when you phone for advice is very high and delivered in a friendly manner."
Sue Kelly, Riviera Marine (Int) Pty Ltd

"I think Maria is the bees knees...!  She is always super helpful and I have never had any difficulties with getting a response as soon as I have needed it.  A membership with you guys is the best thing we have done."
Bernice Mansfield, Arnold Bloch Leibler

"APA are an impressive team which delivers on their promises and are stand out performers in the Payroll sector."
Diane Davis, Energex Ltd

"Whenever I have the opportunity to talk to fellow 'Payrollers', I always ask if they are members of APA and if not, why not.  It's easy for me to personally recommend the Australian Payroll Association because I really believe in what Tracy and the team are creating.  It's exciting to see the organisation go from strength to strength simply by meeting the real needs of payroll professionals. 

"The recent highly successful Payroll Conference held in Sydney was a great example of this and was well attended by over 400 delegates.  In fact one person I suggested should attend the conference couldn't get in because it was fully booked!  But they will definitely be going next time!"
David Porter

"Maria Nikoletatos is the best!  I have emailed queries to Maria and I am so happy with the quality of her answers.  The responses were explained step by step and were also supported by quoting the appropriate Act and clause number, so I have confidence in the accuracy of the answers.  I would definitely recommend APA."
Cathy Robson, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

"As a payroll software developer we have a special need.  APA have been very responsive, helpful and good fun in working with us to specify requirements for our termination module."
Greg McManus, Payroll Metrics Pty Ltd

"Working with Tracy and the team at Australian Payroll Association is always a pleasure.  The team is knowledgeable, helpful and are true leaders in their field."
Dominique Wright, Sybiz Software

"Maria is so helpful and she understands the urgency of my queries and gets back to me as quickly as she can.  There are many times when I would have spent hours poring through websites looking for the information I need but Maria is able to tell me straight away and it's helpful to be able to explain my specific issues rather than get a general answer."
Megan Stewart, Industrial Recruitment Partners (

Every now and then you'll get one of those out of the box questions from senior executives who come to you wanting a definitive yes or no answer on one of those obscure areas in payroll.  Always urgently needed yesterday! This is where APA membership is priceless. 

Maria Nikoletatos has been especially helpful in talking through and finding the most probably answer in those grey areas where no definitive answer exists, and in pointing out where evidence supporting the most probable answers can be found.  Maria is very good at explaining matters in an easy to understand manner and has responded very quickly whenever I've needed help."
Katie Keddie, John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd

"APA have been a godsend. Working in a company with poor payroll support and even poorer understanding of Australian specific payroll requirements makes APA support more important. Maria is a great help and is always generous with her time especially when I have complex payroll questions needing clarification."
Callum Hart, EMC Australia

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