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Max Brenner couldn't pay for ice-cream – or superannuation [ 14-Oct-2018 ]

(source SMH) When chocolate cafe chain Max Brenner collapsed this week, some people weren't ..

Resistance is futile: Modern award basics for employers [ 14-Oct-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( One of the biggest challenges fo..

Sushi blitz: Fair Work Ombudsman recovers $746,000 in unpaid wages in targeted audit [ 14-Oct-2018 ]

(Source Smartcompany) The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has asked consumers to consider the real..

It’s All About Me: Employer reasonable in not accommodating employee’s variation of hours request [ 06-Oct-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( One of the logistical c..

Many employers 'falling short when it comes to fair pay' [ 06-Oct-2018 ]

(source HRD) There are a few factors for organisations to consider in getting their remunera..

Meet Jarrod McGrath [ 06-Oct-2018 ]

For the very first time we welcome Jarrod McGrath to speak at the APA annual conference. See a ..

Member of Plutus Payroll involved in huge tax fraud case, to plead guilty [ 06-Oct-2018 ]

(Source The Australian) A senior member of Plutus Payroll, a company involved ..

Company and director to pay $570,000 for exploiting workers [ 01-Oct-2018 ]

(source HRD) Following legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO), a company that operate..

It Wasn’t Me: Fair Work Commissioner considers Facebook posts as evidence in an unfair dismissal mat [ 01-Oct-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employees active on social media ..

The serious impact of GDPR on your HR data function [ 01-Oct-2018 ]

(source HR Tech News) Data protection and employee privacy should be a major concern fo..

Caltex pays $5.7 million to workers after underpayment scandal [ 23-Sep-2018 ]

(source Inside Retail) Petrol giant Caltex has paid out $5.7 million to workers for underpay..

Paw patrol: Employer considerations for pet-friendly workplaces [ 23-Sep-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There has been an increasing tren..

Queensland company Touchpoint Media ordered to pay $570,000 for underpaying young workers [ 23-Sep-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Federal Circuit Court has ordered Touchpoint Media and its directo..

Big W facing labour cost shock after underpaying penalty rates and loadings [ 16-Sep-2018 ]

Source AFR The struggling discount department chain, which could become the next Woolworths’..

O'Dwyer seeks advice on casual worker 'double-dipping' decision [ 16-Sep-2018 ]

(source SMH) The federal government is seeking urgent legal advice on a landmark court decis..

Payroll firm fined over underpayments [ 16-Sep-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) Payroll firm EZY Accounting 123 has been slapped with a he..

Say it to my face: FWC sends strong warning to employees about social media [ 16-Sep-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission (FWC) h..

FWO audits 33 Domino's stores [ 09-Sep-2018 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman is calling on Domino’s head office to take action after finding breaches..

I want it that way: FWC upholds dismissal following obstructive and uncooperative conduct of employe [ 09-Sep-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Where a disciplinary process invol..

Is Australia ready for a four-day work week? [ 09-Sep-2018 ]

(source HRD) Earlier this year, the New Zealand company Perpetual Guardian conducted a ..

Plutus Payroll contractor payout fears after Deloitte's big bill [ 09-Sep-2018 ]

(source SMH) Tech contractors still owed money after the $100m collapse of Plutus Payr..

Aussie HR start-up Flare scores $21m from New York fund Point72 Ventures [ 02-Sep-2018 ]

From AFR Australian human resources and payroll technology start-up Flare has close..

Flight of fancy – flight attendant’s claim that excessive drinking was not his fault rejected by FWC [ 02-Sep-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In Urso v QF Cabin Crew Austr..

Foodora faces claims for unpaid tax and superannuation [ 02-Sep-2018 ]

Australian tax authorities are chasing Foodora for unpaid tax and superannuation having classifi..

Senators tear into Woolworths over its contract cleaners being 'systematically ripped off' [ 02-Sep-2018 ]

The underpayment of sub-contracted cleaners at major supermarket chains in Tasmania has been des..

Managing mental health in the workplace [ 26-Aug-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The recent decision by one of ..

Record-breaking fine for business breaching Fair Work Act [ 26-Aug-2018 ]

(source HRD) Record penalties have been obtained by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) again..

Unprecedented Federal Court decision could have “dynamite” consequences for businesses employing cas [ 26-Aug-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) An unprecedented decision by the full bench of Australia’s Federal ..

Employer fined $600k for failing to rein in worker with criminal past [ 19-Aug-2018 ]

(Source HC Magazine) The Queensland District Court has ordered a butchery business to pay ne..

More than a million workers 'short-changed' on sick leave [ 19-Aug-2018 ]

(source SMH) The rules around sick leave for more than a million shift workers have been upe..

Plutus money invested in Sydney apartment project [ 19-Aug-2018 ]

(source SMH) An investment company linked to the $130 million Plutus tax fraud was funne..

Size doesn’t matter – Dismissed employee compensated despite vulgar language [ 19-Aug-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A small business employer’s “..

Migrant school cleaners to be back-paid [ 12-Aug-2018 ]

A Melbourne cleaning company that underpaid visa holders has signed an Enforceable Undertaking w..

New appointment to Fair Work Ombudsman [ 12-Aug-2018 ]

Sandra Parker has been appointed to the position of Fair Work Ombudsman for a 5 year term from 1..

The risks of providing unfavourable or false references [ 12-Aug-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Providing references to prospecti..

Checking it twice: the importance of pre-employment and reference checking in recruitment [ 05-Aug-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The applications have closed,..

Currency exchange business underpays workers over $1.3 million, including requiring them to “make go [ 05-Aug-2018 ]

(source SmartCompany) The Australian arm of international foreign currency exchange busin..

Domestic violence leave takes effect this week [ 05-Aug-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) Earlier in the year, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) announced that ..

Veteran reporter Steve Barrett accused of blackmail in ATO fraud [ 05-Aug-2018 ]

(source SMH) A veteran crime journalist allegedly embroiled in Australia's largest white-co..

AHRI conference [ 29-Jul-2018 ]

For HR and business professionals, the Australian HR Institute’s National Convention and Exhibit..

Mood of the customer [ 29-Jul-2018 ]

Our friends at Trinity Perspectives are experts in buyer behaviour and have offered Australian P..

The truth Hertz: Vehicle services attendant dismissed for lying on his CV [ 29-Jul-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers are often required ..

With all the recent bad payroll news, here's something to smile about [ 29-Jul-2018 ]

In the past few weeks we've heard about underpayments at Lush and Maurice Blackburn. Our office..

Maurice Blackburn's $1 million pay muck up short changes 400 staff [ 22-Jul-2018 ]

(source SMH) The latest casualty in the war on wage underpayment is an unlikely candidate...

Retailers warned after 5000 staff lose $2m [ 22-Jul-2018 ]

(source AAP) Retailers across the country have been warned to make sure they're paying staf..

Yes, yes, no: FWC rejects employee’s bid to reopen unfair dismissal claim after parties fail to sign [ 22-Jul-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Worplace Law ( One of the first steps that the Fair..

​ Fair Work finds 72% of audited businesses breached workplace laws [ 14-Jul-2018 ]

(source HRD) Fair Work inspectors have discovered widespread breaches of workplace laws in..

Aldi's pay plan given the BOOT [ 14-Jul-2018 ]

Source SMH The workplace tribunal has doubled down on a ruling that has scared off employ..

I want it that way:FWC upholds dismissal following obstructive and uncooperative conduct of employee [ 14-Jul-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Where a disciplinary process invo..

Workplace Minister to pursue allegations against Rockpool empire [ 14-Jul-2018 ]

(source SMH) Federal Workplace Minister Craig Laundy says he will follow up allegations of ..

A New World Language: Managing emojis in the workplace [ 08-Jul-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It started out as the humble ..

How can HR and finance work more effectively together? [ 08-Jul-2018 ]

(source HRD) The CHRO and CFO care for two of the most important roles in a company. Co..

Registered agents providing a payroll outsourcing service [ 08-Jul-2018 ]

If you provide or employ a payroll service for more than 20 or more employees, you can report th..

'We've witnessed first-hand the impact on our work culture' [ 08-Jul-2018 ]

(source HRD) There’s one way to improve workplace culture, employee engagement and ROI whic..

Careless whisper – A lesson on the importance of formal communication structures in the workplace [ 01-Jul-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Clear and effective communica..

Franchise fined nearly $100,000 by watchdog for poor record-keeping [ 01-Jul-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) A former Caltex franchisee has today been handed nearly $100,000 in p..

This type of manager has the biggest impact on staff [ 01-Jul-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) Over the years, management academics and leadership consultants have..

When is a contractor not a contractor? [ 01-Jul-2018 ]

(Source: In the Black) Mistaking an employee for a contractor can devastate any business, w..

Domino's chief can't guarantee underpayments have stopped [ 24-Jun-2018 ]

(source AFR) Domino's Pizza Enterprises group chief executive Don Meij can't guarantee that..

Losing on penalties: $200,000 penalty imposed for adverse action taken against employees underpaid b [ 24-Jun-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Last year in The INNS and out..

Payroll Service Providers require registration with TPB [ 24-Jun-2018 ]

Are you aware that as a payroll service provider (payroll outsourcing, managed services, even so..

Pizza Hut franchisee penalised $216,700 for sham contracting [ 24-Jun-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) A Pizza Hut franchisee has been fined $216,700 in the Federal Circuit..

​Fair Work Ombudsman commences legal action against Foodora [ 17-Jun-2018 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings involving the gig economy, alleging that..

Expand your HR skillset with the leaders in HR [ 17-Jun-2018 ]

Enrol today in BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources 12-month course | APA special ..

Nothing but Net – The 76ers Twitter saga and confidentiality in the employment relationship [ 17-Jun-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In May 2018, a sports and pop c..

Superannuation amnesty for underpaying employers dogged by dispute [ 17-Jun-2018 ]

(source AFR) A leading law firm has warned employers not to confess to underpayment of super..

Global Payroll Awards in Lisbon [ 11-Jun-2018 ]

Tracy Angwin, CEO Australian Payroll Association and Michelle Whitmore, PwC at the 2018 Globa..

Migrant workers allegedly paid no wages for a year’s work under ‘work experience’ scheme [ 11-Jun-2018 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against a Sydney childcare operator that alle..

7-Eleven store fined nearly $200,000 for underpaying workers [ 10-Jun-2018 ]

(source HRD) A 7-Eleven outlet in Brisbane has been penalised $192,780 for short-changing o..

FWC finds attempted character assassination and confidentiality breach valid reasons for dismissal [ 10-Jun-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Managing conflicting personalitie..

PageUp faces customer losses, lawsuits after data breach [ 10-Jun-2018 ]

Source AFR The data breach of HR tech platform PageUp could become "Australia's Equifax", a..

​ MYOB dumps plan to acquire Reckon’s Accountant Group [ 03-Jun-2018 ]

MYOB has dumped it plan to acquire Reckon’s Accountant Group Assets, the ASX-listed software co..

Fair Work Commission increases minimum wage by 3.5% [ 03-Jun-2018 ]

(source smartcompany) The full bench of the Fair Work Commission has this morning decided t..

Hush Hush, Hush! Why the term ‘hush money’ is misleading [ 03-Jun-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Settlement agreements, terms of s..

Long service leave changes make it fairer for employees [ 03-Jun-2018 ]

(source Business Victoria) The Victorian Government has made significant changes to long ser..

Underpayment of MCG workers leads to hefty fine [ 03-Jun-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian arm of a global cleaning company has been penalised $..

​ Manager penalised $118,000 for withholding employee's parental leave pay [ 27-May-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) A former United Petroleum manager who tried to deprive his employee ..

​ Melbourne restaurant suspected of systemic wage fraud [ 27-May-2018 ]

(source Hospitality Magazine) A Melbourne restaurant has been suspected of systemic underpay..

​ Red Cross apologises for accidentally underpaying staff [ 27-May-2018 ]

(source SMH) The humanitarian division of the Australian Red Cross has apologised for maki..

‘Calm before the storm’: Government proposes 12-month SG amnesty [ 27-May-2018 ]

(source accountants daily) A one-off, 12-month amnesty period for historical underpayment of..

Jailhouse Rock – Court orders jail term for owner-operator who failed to comply with orders resultin [ 27-May-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In June 2015, Judge Jarrett of..

$300k in penalties against burger bar operator evidence of cultural issues in hospitality industry [ 20-May-2018 ]

Penalties of more than $300,000 against a former Melbourne burger bar operator for exploiting yo..

Burch and Purchese staff claim they were underpaid, intimidated by celebrity chef [ 20-May-2018 ]

Former employees of celebrity chef Darren Purchese say they were underpaid by thousands of dolla..

Director delusion: FWC finds title of “Director” not sufficient to defeat award coverage [ 20-May-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( To be protected from unfair dismi..

Jail term imposed in Fair Work Ombudsman’s first contempt of court case [ 20-May-2018 ]

A Northern Queensland business operator has been jailed – and then released pending the outcome ..

​ Induction construction: How to level-up your induction process to increase buy-in [ 13-May-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Conducting a comprehensive in..

Budget 2018: Your complete guide to superannuation changes [ 13-May-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) It’s been two years since the Liberal government placed a cat among th..

In Conversation with Tracy Angwin and Neeyamo [ 13-May-2018 ]

Listen to a recent interview Tracy Angwin did for the Neeyamo podcast ..

Swinburne University takes action to correct payroll issue [ 13-May-2018 ]

Although these errors did not affect all staff, the university has sent a personal letter to eac..

'Woefully unaware': Is your digital WFM plan destined to fail? [ 13-May-2018 ]

(source HC) Too many business leaders launch a digital workforce management (WFM) transform..

3 tech trends set to disrupt HR this year [ 06-May-2018 ]

(source TechHQ) Many industries are being disrupted by technology at an unprecedented rate,..

Employer penalised $153,000 for underpaying migrant [ 06-May-2018 ]

(source HRD) A Sydney retailer has been penalised $153,333 for underpaying a Chinese migran..

Queensland electrical contractor faces legal action over alleged failure to pay compensation [ 06-May-2018 ]

A Queensland electrical contracting company is facing court for allegedly ignoring a Fair Work C..

You used to call me on my cell phone: Getting your mobile phone policies right [ 06-May-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Mobile phones have become somew..

Big little lies: Dishonesty in the workplace and the potential ramifications [ 29-Apr-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In order for any employment rel..

Coles pay agreement approved by the Fair Work Commission [ 29-Apr-2018 ]

(source HRD) The Fair Work Commission has approved a new Enterprise Agreement for Coles sto..

Superannuation funds abandon AMP as Treasurer attacks boards [ 29-Apr-2018 ]

(source The Canberra Times) Treasurer Scott Morrison has ramped up pressure on Australian f..

Time & Attendance record keeping and Single Touch Payroll [ 29-Apr-2018 ]

Emilia Archibald, Noahface ( As the countdown to Single Touch Payro..

​ Employee loses $1.8m court case claiming supervisor 'farted at him' [ 22-Apr-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) A court in Melbourne has thrown out a $1.8m case in which a worker c..

Australian franchise operators warned after swimming school admits to $1.4 million in staff underpay [ 22-Apr-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) A franchise operator and its 12 franchisees have pledged to overhaul ..

PayGroup Launches IPO to List on ASX [ 22-Apr-2018 ]

PayGroup Limited (PayGroup, the Group), a trusted provider of Multi-Country Payroll and Human Re..

Was blind but now I see: General Manager wilfully blind to contraventions [ 22-Apr-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In the decisions of the Fe..

7-Eleven stores penalised $193,000 for underpayments [ 15-Apr-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) The Federal Circuit Court has imposed $192,961 in penalties against ..

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases – managing sick leave during the cold and flu season [ 15-Apr-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It’s that time again – cold and..

STP Employer Deferrals [ 15-Apr-2018 ]

If you are unlikely to be ready for STP by 1 July 2018, you have one of two options for deferral..

Superannuation fund Spaceship and trustee hit with $25,200 in ASIC fines for misleading claims [ 15-Apr-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) A superannuation fund aimed at the millennial market has been fined by..

​ Gig worker super scheme criticised as unfair to delivery riders [ 08-Apr-2018 ]

National unions have criticised a new superannuation scheme for Deliveroo riders which is entir..

Minimum rates of pay database [ 08-Apr-2018 ]

Each financial year the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) conducts an Annual Wage Review of ..

Privacy laws and data breaches: what HR needs to know [ 08-Apr-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) Privacy laws. Data breaches. General data protection. These are a..

The dos and do-nuts of business growth and expansion [ 08-Apr-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It is a story told and heard ofte..

: Understanding and preventing employee financial misconduct [ 02-Apr-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law Financial misconduct committed by employees is unfortunatel..

Employer penalised $200,000 after dismissing worker via text message [ 02-Apr-2018 ]

(source HC) An employer in Perth has been penalised more than $200,000 after not paying an ..

FWC rules on family-friendly working hours and domestic violence leave [ 02-Apr-2018 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission has ruled on union requests for changes to ..

Ombudsman urges governments to scrap four-day-long Easter public holiday weekend and go back to the [ 02-Apr-2018 ]

(Source Smartcompany) Small business ombudsman Kate Carnell has urged state governments to ..

$80,000 in penalties against two Han’s Café franchisees after vulnerable workers underpaid [ 25-Mar-2018 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a total of $80,000 in penalties against the franchisees of t..

activpayroll expands horizons with new Australian office opening [ 25-Mar-2018 ]

activpayroll, the global payroll and tax compliance specialist headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotla..

Let’s keep it casual: “Casual” employee entitled to annual leave after 15 years of service [ 25-Mar-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law For roles that do not require fixed hours or only require..

Plutus Payroll accused fraudsters sue Lloyds insurer for defence costs [ 25-Mar-2018 ]

(source AFR) The accused masterminds behind Australia's largest corporate tax fraud are taki..

Broken record (keeping) – The importance of keeping employment records and providing pay slips [ 18-Mar-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Record keeping - it’s not man..

Don't be an April Fool this 1 April [ 18-Mar-2018 ]

Lyn Jones, PwC While most of us are planning Easter egg hunts, family picnics or get aways ..

Hairdressing salon Maurice Meade late with superannuation to employees [ 18-Mar-2018 ]

(source Perth Now) Local hairdressing empire Maurice Meade has been forced to apologise to c..

MYOB announces trial launch of STP product [ 18-Mar-2018 ]

(source Accountants Daily) MYOB has announced the launch of its beta trial for Single Touch ..

​ FWO criticised for over-zealous pursuit of cooperative employer [ 11-Mar-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v Pioneer Pe..

7-Eleven outlet accused of ‘disguising’ underpayments [ 11-Mar-2018 ]

(source HR Director) Legal action has commenced against the former franchisee of a 7-Eleven..

A funny thing happened on the way to the office [ 11-Mar-2018 ]

At Australian Payroll Association and Payroll HQ ( we are always t..

NSW laws changed for pregnant employees [ 11-Mar-2018 ]

(source HRD) NSW Parliament has repealed a law that allowed employers to dismiss or refuse ..

Three-quarters of Caltex sites breaching workplace laws [ 11-Mar-2018 ]

(source HRD) The latest Compliance Activity Report by the Fair Work Ombudsman shows a workp..

​ ‘No blanket extensions’: ATO set to contact 150,000 in STP push [ 04-Mar-2018 ]

(source accountants daily) Only five of about 140 software developers registered to provide..

Amendments to the Privacy Act establish new Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme [ 04-Mar-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Privacy Amendment (Notifiab..

ATO urges tax professionals to help clients prepare for Single Touch Payroll [ 04-Mar-2018 ]

The ATO will write to employers in March 2018, advising them to take action to prepare for Singl..

Michael Cranston committed to trial [ 04-Mar-2018 ]

(source AFR) The Tax Office will announce the appointment of an independent "integrity ..

STP presentation from payroll managers forum [ 04-Mar-2018 ]

The latest payroll managers forum at PwC was hosted recently, with over 350 payroll managers att..

Lawful but not reasonable: Employer unreasonably ends Bryon Bay “work from home” arrangement [ 25-Feb-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employees have an implied duty ..

Payroll, compliance issues top dodgy practices in Aussie business [ 25-Feb-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Thousands of anonymous re..

The balancing act: Positive discrimination in the workplace [ 25-Feb-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Across the world, issues of equal..

ATO cops criticism for slow, clumsy STP rollout [ 18-Feb-2018 ]

(source Accountants Daily) A payroll provider has hit out at the ATO for failing to fin..

Company accused of underpaying 17 staff [ 18-Feb-2018 ]

(source HRD) A homestead operator in the Northern Territory faces charges for allegedly und..

In the box to the left – The return of employer uniforms on termination of employment [ 18-Feb-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Ending the employment relations..

Plumbing business fined $121,000 for underpaying worker wrongly considered an apprentice [ 18-Feb-2018 ]

(source A plumbing business in Victoria has been penalised $100,000, a..

Ramco STP breakfast [ 18-Feb-2018 ]

Last week it was a full house at the Ramco STP breakfast update, hosted by PwC. The next ses..

Australians must establish new PayID on the New Payments Platform to speed up transactions [ 11-Feb-2018 ]

(source Bank customers will need to set up a PayID as a matter of urgency, to ..

Pizza chain finalises enterprise agreement [ 11-Feb-2018 ]

(source HRD) Labour leader Bill Shorten declared enterprise bargaining to be "on life suppo..

Tax scam accused Adam Cranston shedding parts of property empire [ 11-Feb-2018 ]

(source Daily Telegraph) THE property empire amassed by a top tax official’s son who alleged..

Underpayments drop as trolley collection undertaking continues [ 11-Feb-2018 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has welcomed findings of improved wage compliance and accountability in ..

Where have all the apprentices gone? [ 11-Feb-2018 ]

(source HRD) Australian businesses needing apprentices may be hard pressed to find them, an..

Changes in the Game for Terminating Fixed Term Contracts [ 04-Feb-2018 ]

(source IRIQ) The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has handed down a decision in Saei..

Fight against unpaid super more than a single-touch [ 04-Feb-2018 ]

(source Investment Magazine) Australian workers, who collectively miss out on more than $2.8..

Labour hire business to face court for alleged unlawful unpaid work experience [ 04-Feb-2018 ]

A Brisbane labour hire business will face court for allegedly underpaying 10 employees more than..

Partnership leads to improved systems and processes to manage workplace compliance [ 04-Feb-2018 ]

A two-year partnership between the Fair Work Ombudsman and Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd has..

​ Legislation threatens employers with jail for failure to pay super [ 28-Jan-2018 ]

Employers who defy orders to pay superannuation to their employees will face jail terms of up t..

​ Payroll software suspicions central to FWO’s latest swoop [ 28-Jan-2018 ]

(source Accountants Daily) The Fair Work Ombudsman is pursuing a national franchise for its..

​ Sushi outlet operator and his accountant fined $200,000 for “calculated and deliberate” underpayme [ 28-Jan-2018 ]

(source Smartcompany) A New South Wales sushi outlet operator and an accountant have been s..

Free STP breakfast by Ramco [ 28-Jan-2018 ]

By now you should be aware of this government initiative to streamline business reporting obliga..

FWC orders rail workers to abandon strike [ 28-Jan-2018 ]

(source HRD) The Fair Work Commission has ordered NSW rail workers to abandon their 24-hour..

​ Plutus Payroll collapse leaves $100m black hole [ 21-Jan-2018 ]

(source AFR) About $100 million appears to have disappeared from Plutus Payroll, the company..

Human resources manager ordered to pay $21,760 for her participation in underpayments and falsifying [ 21-Jan-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In recent years, the Fair Work Ombu..

PwC Payroll Managers Forum [ 21-Jan-2018 ]

At the PwC Payroll Managers Forum held in December, Debbie Rawlings, Assistant Commissioner at t..

Truckies get $374,000 back-pay [ 21-Jan-2018 ]

Ten truck drivers who worked for an Adelaide transport company have been back-paid a total of $..

​ Judge imposes $85,000 penalty as “sharp lesson” for repeat-offender childcare operator [ 14-Jan-2018 ]

A Judge has penalised a repeat-offender Melbourne childcare operator $85,000 for her latest sta..

​ Send me your location: Use of GPS devices in the workplace [ 14-Jan-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Most workplaces utilise ..

'One sloppy team member' could topple a firm under new laws [ 07-Jan-2018 ]

(source Accountants Daily) The impending Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme has been lab..

Prosecutors denied extension over $160m tax fraud [ 07-Jan-2018 ]

(source Prosecutors of a suspected $160 million tax fraud allegedly masterminde..

Re-offending directors and their cleaning company to pay hefty penalties for breaching FW Act [ 07-Jan-2018 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In a recent Federal Circuit C..

​ Adam Cranston's wife Elizabeth to be charged [ 17-Dec-2017 ]

Source AFR Elizabeth Cranston, the wife of alleged tax fraudseter Adam Cranson, has been ser..

​ Wollongong-based KeyPay sets sights on UK expansion [ 17-Dec-2017 ]

Cloud payroll provider KeyPay will take its offerings international in 2018, with a UK office se..

Social savvy – Our 2017 wrap-up of social media in the workplace [ 17-Dec-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There is no doubt that social media h..

Sydney HR software vendor ELMO acquires payroll company Sky Payroll [ 17-Dec-2017 ]

Talent management software vendor ELMO has acquired cloud-based SaaS payroll software system Sky..

HR manager among those penalised almost $400,000 for “systematic” exploitation at restaurant [ 10-Dec-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured almost $400,000 in penalties against a company and three ind..

Over one million Australian employees exposed to ‘wage theft’ [ 10-Dec-2017 ]

(source HRD) Almost half of Australians (48%) are claiming they are not always paid for work..

Payroll cadet available in Melbourne [ 10-Dec-2017 ]

Our payroll cadetship program started late last month and we have our first pre-trained cadet re..

Plutus Payroll scandal may have tangled major government agencies: Finance [ 10-Dec-2017 ]

(source Canberra Times) The Finance Department believes three of the government's largest em..

The student becomes the master: When work experience turns into paid employment [ 10-Dec-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Earlier this year, we wrote ab..

​ Flexed to the limit: How the Fair Work Act encourages flexibility in the workplace [ 03-Dec-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A recent survey conducted by g..

Christmas 2017: A state-by-state guide to public holidays and trading hours [ 03-Dec-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year, marking yet another long ..

Free STP lunch - Perth [ 03-Dec-2017 ]

Ramco and the ATO are holding an event in Perth to discuss the upcoming STP initiative. ..

​ Employee expense fraud on the rise [ 26-Nov-2017 ]

(Source HRD) A range of sophisticated methods are being used by employees worldwide to subm..

Albury-Wodonga businesses undergo check from workplace regulator [ 26-Nov-2017 ]

Businesses across Albury-Wodonga are being audited by the workplace regulator with the Fair Work..

Fair Work Ombudsman targets businesses in Melbourne’s inner eastern suburbs [ 26-Nov-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s latest proactive compliance and education campaign is targeting at lea..

Why, I do declare! – Statutory declarations in the employment context [ 26-Nov-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In Australia, we rely on statut..

​ Plutus tax fraud: Adam Cranston's civil case to be heard in closed court [ 19-Nov-2017 ]

(source AFR) A proceeds-of-crime case against Adam Cranston and others is being heard in..

End of the line – Older workers and discrimination on termination of employment [ 19-Nov-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In Part 1 of our blog series on..

FWO secures first accessorial liability penalties against an accounting firm [ 19-Nov-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has for the first time used accessorial liability laws to obtain penalti..

Payroll Cadetships [ 19-Nov-2017 ]

Employers often struggle to find payroll officers. The choices are to get someone with no payrol..

Canberra woman who traded in work vehicle to buy own car jailed over $160,000 fraud [ 12-Nov-2017 ]

(source A Canberra woman who defrauded her employer $160,000, including trad..

Part 2: Just Google it – Age discrimination and technology in the workplace [ 12-Nov-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In the modern day workplace, empl..

Tip Top workers raise safety and pay concerns [ 12-Nov-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Tip Top drivers in NSW are claiming their pay has been cut and their..

​ Straw director in massive ATO tax fraud Simon McIntyre pleads guilty [ 05-Nov-2017 ]

(source SMH) One of the straw directors in the Plutus Payroll scam, one of the largest alleg..

Payroll fraud in the news again [ 05-Nov-2017 ]

Lewis Bulley, Australian Payroll Association Once more payroll fraud is back in the news...

Selfie time – Video “Snaplications” and the potential for age discrimination in recruitment [ 05-Nov-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Part 1: Selfie time – Video “Snap..

What does health have to do with payroll? [ 05-Nov-2017 ]

Katherine Maslen Join Katherine's 10 day health challenge (

AECOM trials 12 weeks annual leave scheme for working parents [ 29-Oct-2017 ]

(source SMH) Engineering firm AECOM will begin piloting a new program that gives employees ..

ATO execs punished over Plutus [ 29-Oct-2017 ]

(source The Australian) Two senior tax office executives have been disciplined — one ..

Flushed away – Teacher compensated for disclosure of health information on note found in staff toile [ 29-Oct-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( From the moment an individual ..

STP update – More answers to your questions [ 29-Oct-2017 ]

Welcome to PwC’s second instalment of STP questions answered by the ATO, providing clarification..

2017 payroll conference photos [ 22-Oct-2017 ]

Official photos yet to come, but here are a few snaps of a fun day at the ICC in Sydney last Fri..

7-Eleven franchisee accused of terminating employee who didn’t repay leave entitlements [ 22-Oct-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) A 7-Eleven worker was dismissed by a franchisee in Brisbane who alle..

Gold Coast restaurant fined $284,000 for “heinous” underpayment and falsification of records despite [ 22-Oct-2017 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Gold Coast restaurant and its director have been fined more than $28..

Leavin’ on a jet plane: Refusing requests for annual leave [ 22-Oct-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A recent decision of the Fair ..

New car giveaway at APA conference [ 22-Oct-2017 ]

Congratulations to Deb Taylor of QBE for being the lucky winner of a brand new Kia Rio. Mike..

​ Plutus Payroll liquidated after $165M tax fraud investigation [ 15-Oct-2017 ]

(source ARN) The Supreme Court of NSW has ordered that the heavily IT industry-focused payr..

Domino's delivers $5.4m to underpaid staff [ 15-Oct-2017 ]

(source SMH) Domino's Pizza says it has returned $5.4 million in underpaid wages and supera..

I’ll txt u the deets: The perks and pitfalls of texting in the employment relationship [ 15-Oct-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There is no doubt that we are g..

Penalty rates: Unions lose court appeal against cuts to public holiday, Sunday pay [ 15-Oct-2017 ]

(source ABC) Unions have lost their legal bid to overturn the Fair Work Commission's decisi..

Single Touch Payroll – Answers to your questions [ 15-Oct-2017 ]

At PwC’s recent national Payroll Managers Forum, attendees had the opportunity to ask their spec..

Erring employers must make whopper back payments [ 08-Oct-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Thirty-six workers along the Great Ocean Road and Otway region of Vi..

Flexibility in assessing payroll qualifications [ 08-Oct-2017 ]

Tammy Cook, Head Trainer, Australian Payroll Institute ( Some o..

New car, zero interest (in employee’s wages) [ 08-Oct-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Labour-hire operator gets r..

The best in the payroll business [ 08-Oct-2017 ]

One of the major benefits in doing what we do is that we get to know and work closely with..

$1000 for 1000 likes [ 02-Oct-2017 ]

We love payroll, and we think you do too! To celebrate hitting 1000 likes on Faceboo..

Mid-tier encourages action against wages fraud [ 02-Oct-2017 ]

(source Accountants Daily) A mid-tier firm has flagged the prominent practice of wages frau..

This is how we do it: using workplace laws to support HR’s position on staffing decisions [ 02-Oct-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law HR professionals inhabit a unique environment with a unique ..

Two more fraudsters use fake credentials to win senior public servant jobs, both in Shared Services [ 02-Oct-2017 ]

(source The Advertiser) Fraudsters scammed their way into two high-paying State Government ..

​ Coles case has made fast food pay deals 'unworkable' [ 24-Sep-2017 ]

(source Canberra Times) Enterprise bargaining in the fast food industry has been rendered "..

Redundancy: is payment in lieu of notice required?? [ 24-Sep-2017 ]

Paul Munro Should employees receive pay in lieu of notice and redundancy pay, or can we offset ..

Vulnerable Workers amendments to the Fair Work Act [ 24-Sep-2017 ]

This article was written by Charles Watson and was originally published on Workforce Guardian. ..

Five questions with Michael Karavas [ 17-Sep-2017 ]

Michael Karavas who is in the STP implementation team at the ATO spoke recently at a PwC Payroll..

Tax announcements [ 17-Sep-2017 ]

The WA Budget introduces a number of new measures aimed at increasing revenue, including: Ne..

To join or not to join: Employee found to have bullied co-worker to join union not unfairly dismisse [ 17-Sep-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Bullying complaints can often b..

​ “All spaghetti and no meatballs”: FWO seeks penalties against a restaurant that deliberately disre [ 10-Sep-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It is no secret that the Fair..

New workplace laws get regulator’s nod, up penalty price tenfold [ 10-Sep-2017 ]

(source Accountants Daily) The regulator has given the green light to the passage of new l..

Salary sacrifice reform gives super control to people [ 10-Sep-2017 ]

(source The Australian) Australia’s overhauled superannuation system is now well into its f..

Employers ‘robbing’ staff of billions in superannuation guarantee entitlements [ 03-Sep-2017 ]

(source HRD) Employers are estimated to owe staff $2.85bn in superannuation guarantee entit..

Industry news - Flare HR and Frontier Software [ 03-Sep-2017 ]

Flare raises $7 million from Reinventure and adds new 'co-founder' (source AFR) Westpac ..

Oh Behave! : What is a workplace Code of Conduct? [ 03-Sep-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( At Workplace Law, we work with ..

Turnbull Government backs workers on superannuation [ 03-Sep-2017 ]

(source Kelly O’Dwyer) The Government today announced a further package of reforms to give..

​ Better safe than sorry – Best practice for dealing with poor performance issues [ 27-Aug-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Here at Workplace Law, we regu..

First PwC Payroll Manager Forum [ 27-Aug-2017 ]

Multiple PwC offices were linked up last week in the first Payroll Managers Forum to hear from t..

KFC workers ‘no worse off’ despite forgoing weekend penalty rates [ 27-Aug-2017 ]

(source Human Resources Director) Despite KFC workers not being paid weekend penalty rates ..

Single Touch Payroll - Business Implementation Guide [ 27-Aug-2017 ]

The ATO has released a Business Implementation Guide for STP as the start of a communication cam..

​ “Dear all...” – FWC finds employee’s heated mass email a valid reason for dismissal [ 20-Aug-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Email, in one form or another..

​ Proposed bill is of “huge significance to franchisors” [ 20-Aug-2017 ]

(source Human Resources Director) The Australian Senate has been debating the Protecting Vu..

CBA underpaid workers millions in super [ 20-Aug-2017 ]

(source My Business) Following the well-publicised scandal involving compliance failures on ..

Setting the record straight on Single Touch Payroll (ATO) [ 20-Aug-2017 ]

(source ATO) The ATO is aware of recent media commentary regarding the implementation of asp..

​ No shoes, no shirt and I still get service – the changing nature of appearance and dress code poli [ 13-Aug-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Most workplaces have an appea..

Can you terminate an employee while they're on maternity leave? [ 13-Aug-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) The key question concerning dismissing someone on maternity leave is:..

FWO slams Pizza Hut [ 13-Aug-2017 ]

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James has slammed Australian pizza retailer Pizza Hut for a “lack of..

Payroll dramas still continue for Cairns health workers, seven years on [ 13-Aug-2017 ]

(source The Cairns Post) AT least $1 million is still owed back to the State Government by ..

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear …” FWC’s practical approach to notice of termination [ 06-Aug-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Earlier this year, we discussed..

Company allegedly underpays 23 journalists more than $300,000 [ 06-Aug-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Touchpoint Media is facing the Federal Circuit Court for allegedly un..

Record penalty of $660,000 after refugee goes without pay for weeks [ 06-Aug-2017 ]

Record penalties of more than $660,000 have been awarded against the former owner of a Melbourne..

7-Eleven court penalties for exploiting workers tops $1 million, says Fair Work Ombudsman [ 30-Jul-2017 ]

(source ABC news) Court-imposed penalties against 7-Eleven operators have now topped $1 mil..

An induction on deductions from employees’ pay [ 30-Jul-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Student accommodation provider ..

Former 7-Eleven operator penalised $168,000 for underpaying workers after judge finds “deliberate di [ 30-Jul-2017 ]

(source Smartcompany) Jim Chien-Ching Chang, the former operator and franchisee of a 7-Elev..

Metcash drawn into Plutus payroll scandal [ 30-Jul-2017 ]

(source The Australian) A Queensland warehouse complex run by grocery giant Metcash has bee..

Can you afford to skimp on your payroll? [ 23-Jul-2017 ]

(source The Australian) It would be fair to say that payroll is one part of running a busin..

Claiming a pizza the action – FWC lacks jurisdiction to deal with dispute about Delivery Driver of t [ 23-Jul-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Reward and recognition programs a..

Former employee forced to pay Seven’s legal costs [ 23-Jul-2017 ]

(Source Human Resource Director) Former Channel Seven executive assistant Amber Harrison has..

Not for profit back-pays $370,000 to workers after disability classification mistake [ 23-Jul-2017 ]

A not-for-profit business in northern NSW inadvertently underpaid 18 employees a total of more t..

FWC finds high income earner covered by modern award [ 16-Jul-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Identifying correct Modern Awar..

New law targets ‘unscrupulous’ employers who short-change employees [ 16-Jul-2017 ]

(source Human Resource Director) The Federal Government has announced it will seek to legis..

Payroll reporting - how to provide management information that is timely, useful and relevant [ 16-Jul-2017 ]

Andreia Lemos, PwC Payroll Consulting Many stakeholders that are not working in payroll and ..

Subway franchisee faces Court over alleged deliberate underpayment of Chinese worker [ 16-Jul-2017 ]

The franchisee of two Subway outlets in Sydney is facing Court for allegedly short-changing a Ch..

Uber eX-employee sparks reform of company culture [ 16-Jul-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Uber Technologies now appears to..

Can a computer be the decision-maker in an adverse action decision? [ 10-Jul-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There is no doubt that human re..

ASIC member experience of superannuation report [ 09-Jul-2017 ]

This report is for superannuation industry participants, consumer and investor organisations, an..

Casual workers win right to request permanent work [ 09-Jul-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Under a new Fair Work Commission ruling, casual workers have won the..

Fair Work Ombudsman takes aim at advice firm over claims of misleading employer clients [ 09-Jul-2017 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Fair Work Ombudsman has taken aim at a workplace advice firm, alle..

FWC rules on paid domestic violence leave [ 09-Jul-2017 ]

(source Human Resources Director) The Fair Work Commission has rejected an Australian Counc..

Global payroll support collaboration [ 02-Jul-2017 ]

Tracy Angwin, CEO of Australian Payroll Association met with Melanie Pizzey, CEO of the Gl..

Deputy commissioner Michael Cranston’s arrest sparks internal ATO probe [ 01-Jul-2017 ]

(source The Australian) Inspector-General of Taxation Ali Noroozi is to investigate the Tax..

FWO investigates Uber in Australia over pay and conditions [ 01-Jul-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Uber in Australia is being accused of failing to comply with federal ..

New minimum wage rate in effect from 1 July 2017 [ 01-Jul-2017 ]

A new national minimum wage comes into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July ..

Sunday penalty rate cut faces union court challenge [ 01-Jul-2017 ]

(source The Guardian) The Fair Work Commission’s controversial cut to Sunday penalty rat..

Coffee Club franchisee penalised more than $180,000 for 457 fraud [ 24-Jun-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) A Coffee Club franchisee in Brisbane has been penalised more than $1..

First class payroll being delivered in Townsville [ 24-Jun-2017 ]

We just love hearing from payroll teams from all over Australia so were thrilled to get this pho..

I like to move it (move it): Relocation & Redundancy [ 24-Jun-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The issue of relocating employees..

VIC SES admits it underpaid staff $230k [ 24-Jun-2017 ]

(Source The Australian) The Victorian SES has promised to pay back "with interest" almost ..

ATO's Cranston resigns after fraud charges [ 18-Jun-2017 ]

(source Sky News) Senior tax official Michael Cranston has resigned after facing a NSW cour..

Maternity leave and redundancy – What you need to know [ 18-Jun-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) HRD talks to Alice DeBoos, Partner, K&L Gates, about the three b..

Plutus calls in administrators over ‘$130m scam’ [ 18-Jun-2017 ]

(source The Australian) The payroll company at the centre of an alleged $130 million Aus­tra..

Super funds not super fun – Employer non-compliance with the superannuation guarantee [ 18-Jun-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Earlier this month, the Senate Ec..

​ Administrators move in on company accused of ATO tax scam [ 12-Jun-2017 ]

(source Nine) Administrators have been appointed to oversee the company at the centre of an ..

​ Aldi rejects claims of unpaid overtime as lawyers warn SMEs away from “averaging hours” arrangemen [ 12-Jun-2017 ]

(source Smartcompany) Objections from workers at an Aldi distribution centre around the “av..

Fair Work Commission makes changes to penalty rates [ 12-Jun-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission has ruled that the full extent of the cuts t..

Just one look: Employees’ access to personal information [ 12-Jun-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Just one look... or in the case f..

ATO will not pursue Plutus 'workers' in $165m tax fraud [ 04-Jun-2017 ]

(source Australian Financial Review) None of the workers caught up in the $165 million Plut..

Let’s talk a-boat gift giving in the workplace [ 04-Jun-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Workplace gift giving can be a..

Ramco Coffee Connection - Melbourne [ 04-Jun-2017 ]

Ramco are delighted to invite you to an exclusive panel discussion aimed at Payroll / HR Leaders..

Reality TV star faces Court over unpaid internship program [ 04-Jun-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) A fashion industry company that featured on the reality show Shark Ta..

Sushi Kuni restaurant director and operating company fined $136,000 for “deliberate and calculated” [ 04-Jun-2017 ]

(source SmartCompany) The former operator of two Sushi Kuni sushi outlets in Brisbane and n..

It’s not over till it’s over: Ramifications of unfair dismissal proceedings [ 28-May-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In part one and part two of ou..

Recruiting the new breed of Payroll Officer [ 28-May-2017 ]

Tom McGilvray, PwC Traditionally organisations have sought to hire payroll processing of..

Trolley-collection operator penalised for false records [ 28-May-2017 ]

The former operator of a trolley-collection company at Wagga Wagga, in regional NSW, has been pe..

​Did you mistakenly overpay your employee? Here’s what you need to know [ 21-May-2017 ]

Tracy Angwin It’s always frustrating for an employer when they realise they have overpaid a..

ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston charged with abusing position as public official [ 21-May-2017 ]

(source Daily Telegraph) Michael Cranston, the deputy commissioner of the Australia Taxatio..

Employment Law Essentials – Substantive Fairness [ 21-May-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( When considering whether a ..

PwC's Payroll Roadshow and STP [ 21-May-2017 ]

The Payroll Consulting team at PwC have been travelling around the country this month presenting..

Shelf-stacker secures legal win against Coles [ 21-May-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) An employee who works three night shifts a week at a Brisbane Coles ..

​ Employment Law Essentials – What is “Procedural Fairness”? [ 14-May-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Whether the termination of an ..

Employee sacked for underwear protest [ 14-May-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) The CFMEU and the ACTU have launched a national campaign of TV ads ..

End of Year checklist [ 14-May-2017 ]

End of Year is fast approaching. It’s an understatement to say that it’s an important time of ye..

Payroll firm blames ATO for tech contractors' pay delay [ 14-May-2017 ]

(source IT wire) A payroll company that serves IT contractors says the Australian Taxation ..

Recruiting the new breed of Payroll Officer [ 14-May-2017 ]

Tom McGilvray, PwC Traditionally organisations have sought to hire payroll processing offi..

Another celebrity chef accused of failing to pay workers [ 07-May-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Some past and present employees of Adriano Zumbo’s bakery chain are a..

Canberra IT workers out of pocket after payroll company halts operations [ 07-May-2017 ]

(source Canberra Times) Canberra IT contractors are out of pocket thousands of dollars and ..

Coffee Club franchisee faces Court over alleged 457 fraud [ 07-May-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) A Coffee Club café franchisee in Brisbane allegedly coerced an overs..

Quality assurance: Why employees must be qualified for the tasks they perform [ 07-May-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers should not underestim..

​ Macquarie Bank subject to million-dollar test case over underpayments [ 30-Apr-2017 ]

(source AFR) Former Macquarie Bank directors and senior advisers have launched a multimillio..

Salon operator overhauls workplace practices after underpaying staff approximately $288,000 [ 30-Apr-2017 ]

The operator of seven popular hair salons in Victoria has agreed to review and overhaul its work..

Staff as young as 45 facing age discrimination: Study [ 30-Apr-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) More than 30% of Australians have experienced age discrimination whil..

Two weeks’ notice: What are the requirements for notice of termination of employment? [ 30-Apr-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The requirements around when no..

457 visa changes – what you need to know [ 23-Apr-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the surprise announcement yest..

One-third of Australians are being underpaid superannuation [ 23-Apr-2017 ]

(source Guardian Australia) One-third of eligible workers in Australia are being underpaid ..

PayAsia announces appointment of Chris Brunton as Chief Technology Officer [ 23-Apr-2017 ]

PayAsia is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Chris Brunton as Chief Technology Office..

Working hard for the money: FWO sends out warnings about payment and pay methods [ 23-Apr-2017 ]

Athena Koelmyer, Workplace Law ( As harvest season is fast ..

​ Fair Work considers widening probe into United Petroleum underpayment [ 17-Apr-2017 ]

(source ABC) Fair Work Australia is considering widening its investigation into the under-p..

Fair Work focuses on record keeping [ 17-Apr-2017 ]

Mawona Makwavarara, Senior Consultant, PwC In March, the Fair Work Ombudsman released a ..

In the heat of the meeting: Can a resignation given in a heated moment be accepted? [ 17-Apr-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law We know people can say or do things that we do not mean w..

Single Touch Payroll: An update from the ATO [ 17-Apr-2017 ]

As part of our awareness-raising activities for the upcoming introduction of Single Touch Payrol..

​ Single Touch Payroll – why Tax Directors should be nervous [ 09-Apr-2017 ]

Rohan Geddes, Partner, Payroll Consulting, PwC Two tax directors asked me recently abou..

George Calombaris apologises after restaurant empire underpays staff up to $2.6m [ 09-Apr-2017 ]

(source ABC) MasterChef judge and chef George Calombaris has apologised after his restaura..

University of Wollongong to pay $10 million for unpaid super to thousands of workers [ 09-Apr-2017 ]

(source SMH) A NSW university will return $10 million to thousands of current and former emp..

We Don’t Talk Anymore: The “Human” in HR – Part 3 [ 09-Apr-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Human resources management is e..

​ Company accused of "slavery", penalised $227,300 [ 02-Apr-2017 ]

A labour-hire company and its director have been penalised $227,300 for underpaying employees an..

​ Wollongong targeted for unannounced audits [ 02-Apr-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has conducted a series of unannounced audits in Wollongong in response t..

Canberra Roadshow [ 02-Apr-2017 ]

PwC's Payroll Roadshow kicked off on Monday 28th March beginning in Canberra. Attendees..

I, Robot: The “Human” in HR – Part 2 [ 02-Apr-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Today it seems like every HR maga..

Human Nature: The “Human” in HR – Part 1 [ 26-Mar-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In recent years we have observ..

New app, heavier penalties reinforce record-keeping as core business [ 26-Mar-2017 ]

By Natalie James, Fair Work Ombudsman As workers get an innovative new tool to record their..

Packing company delivered $220K penalty after “appalling greed” in underpaying migrant workers [ 26-Mar-2017 ]

A Melbourne packing services business with a history of short-changing workers and one of its d..

​ Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue make a public commitment to compliance with workplace laws [ 19-Mar-2017 ]

One of Australia’s leading businesses in the café sector has made a public commitment to ensure..

Have you got “the right stuff” when it comes to super? [ 19-Mar-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Superannuation payments and ca..

Payroll leaders meet with PwC [ 19-Mar-2017 ]

On Thursday 16th March, PwC’s Payroll Consulting team, led by Rohan Geddes, brought tog..

The Best in the Business – Available Now [ 19-Mar-2017 ]

One of the major benefits in doing what we do is that we get to know and work closely with some ..

​Calling all Payroll Leaders in Canberra [ 12-Mar-2017 ]

PwC's Payroll Consulting Roadshow is coming to Canberra on Tuesday 28 March, 9-11am. Be am..

Cash me outside: Employer fined nearly $533,000 in addition to back payment for cash back scheme [ 12-Mar-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Federal Circuit Court..

Nation becomes ‘first in the world’ to make equal pay mandatory [ 12-Mar-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Iceland claims to have become the first country in the world to requi..

Perth security company allegedly underpaid guards $200,000 [ 12-Mar-2017 ]

A Perth security company is facing Court for allegedly underpaying its guards more than $200,000..

​ Is it just me? Or is payroll the silent hot topic right now? [ 05-Mar-2017 ]

Lyn Jones, Director, PwC Employment legislation in Australia is a continually changing, ..

​ Turnbull government introduces legislation to ‘crack down on dodgy bosses’ [ 05-Mar-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) The Turnbull Government has today introduced legislation which they ..

Is Australia ready for paid domestic violence leave? [ 05-Mar-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) In 2016, Queensland became the first jurisdiction to legislate paid ..

One in seven Australians took a sickie to go to the beach [ 05-Mar-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Don’t be surprised if you check the Facebook page of a “sick” employe..

That’s my pejorative – Ethnic slurs in the workplace [ 05-Mar-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( All employers should be aware t..

​ Cleaning contractor at 18 Victorian public schools in wages scandal [ 26-Feb-2017 ]

(Source The Age) A cleaning contractor faces an investigation into claims of "massive wage ..

4 Top Tips for hiring elite payroll people [ 26-Feb-2017 ]

Andy Thompson, Payroll Recruitment Director As I have seen many times, the appointm..

It is all in the flexicution: Flexible working arrangements [ 26-Feb-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( What does an employer do in cir..

Penalty rates for Sunday, holiday work to be slashed after landmark decision by Fair Work Commission [ 26-Feb-2017 ]

(source SMH) Hundreds of thousands of Australians who work on Sundays will have their take-h..

Sage Summit Melbourne [ 26-Feb-2017 ]

Taking place on Friday 03 March 2017 at the Crown Conference Centre, Sage Summit Tour Melb..

Fair Work Ombudsman recovers almost $30,000 for underpaid workers at NSW security company [ 19-Feb-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured almost $30,000 for five underpaid employees of a NSW-based s..

Is it ok to pay workers with food? [ 19-Feb-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Pizza Hut was recently in the news for the wrong reasons after the Fa..

The Intern: Study finds over 500,000 people are participating in illegal unpaid work experience [ 19-Feb-2017 ]

When it comes to unpaid work experience, the question to be asked is, “Is it legal?” In a ..

Where do you get your payroll information [ 19-Feb-2017 ]

Barbara Nunn, Payroll Subject Matter Expert When you first started out in payroll, did you r..

​ Government to extend paid parental leave scheme by two weeks but “double dipping” still on choppin [ 12-Feb-2017 ]

(source smartcompany) The federal government will add another two weeks to the current paid..

‘If you complain, I will kill you’: Cafe owner slapped with $532k fine for ‘cashback’ scheme [ 12-Feb-2017 ]

(source News Ltd) A NSW cafe owner who threatened to deport and even “kill” foreign workers ..

Conducting investigations: Are you in or out? [ 12-Feb-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( One of the first decisions to..

Domino's investigated for claims of ‘forced free hours’ [ 12-Feb-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Domino's Pizza is being investigated by the Fairwork Ombudsman for a..

Payroll Administrators – How to survive your first six months [ 12-Feb-2017 ]

Katie Gilchrist, PwC Recently one of my colleagues, Jeshna Sagun, wrote about how payrol..

​ Bakers Delight caves to pressure and scraps 'unfair' agreement [ 05-Feb-2017 ]

(source SMH) Hundreds of Bakers Delight workers will receive large pay rises from Thursday,..

Ascender acquires NGA Australia and New Zealand [ 05-Feb-2017 ]

Ascender and NGA Human Resources today announced they have completed a transaction whereby Asce..

ATO systems down again: Accountants lose patience after a horror two months [ 05-Feb-2017 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Australian Taxation Office warned users in December that it was ex..

Melbourne fine dining restaurant underpays overseas workers $35,000 [ 05-Feb-2017 ]

A Melbourne fine dining restaurant is overhauling its workplace practices after a Fair Work Ombu..


The Payroll Consulting team at PwC continues to grow with multiple appointments added to their S..

​ $125k back-pay for workers in south-east Melbourne [ 30-Jan-2017 ]

A former manager of an automotive repair business in Victoria has been reimbursed $102,990 fo..

Payroll manager faces penalties for underpayments [ 30-Jan-2017 ]

A payroll manager has for the first time been held liable for worker underpayments after a Feder..

Payroll Professionals V Site Administrators [ 30-Jan-2017 ]

Jeshna Sagun, PwC Previous payroll experience is one of the main requirements for hiring a p..

Pizza Hut outlets breaching workplace laws: Report [ 30-Jan-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Three quarters of audited Pizza Hut outlets are failing to comply w..

You’re making me angry! – FWC confirms dismissal of hot-headed employees [ 30-Jan-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission ..

​ Burger bar boss faces further allegations of underpaying staff [ 22-Jan-2017 ]

Source Human Capital Todd Buzza and his company Rum Runner Trading are facing further allegat..

Adelaide business cops $85,000 in fines for underpaying workers after three-year Fair Work case [ 22-Jan-2017 ]

(source smartcompany) An Adelaide car windscreen business and its director have been fined c..

Changing the frequency of your pay cycle [ 22-Jan-2017 ]

Barbara Nunn, Payroll Subject Matter Expert, Australian Payroll Association When and how..

Single Touch Payroll demystified [ 22-Jan-2017 ]

Kathy Mestre, PwC As the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) moves to a digital platform for a..

The punishment did not fit the crime: FWC awards maximum compensation to dismissed employee who stol [ 22-Jan-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Managing Partner, Workplace Law A Qantas flight attendant (the Applican..

​ Enterprise Agreements – how not to manage the payroll side of things [ 15-Jan-2017 ]

Karyn Amaro, Senior Manager, PwC Anyone who works in HR and Industrial Relations will kno..

Executive could be jailed for missing jury duty: Are business commitments an excuse? [ 15-Jan-2017 ]

(source SmartCompany) A company chief financial officer faced court this week after not ap..

Debunking myths about profit sharing [ 08-Jan-2017 ]

(source Human Capital) Before the mid-2000s, studies done on how incentives affect employee..

Fair Work Ombudsman secures $23,000 in penalties against mobile phone retailer [ 08-Jan-2017 ]

The operators of a mobile phone retailer who failed to heed warnings to pay employees' minimum ..

Home Improvements: Dreamworld issued with 10 improvement and prohibition notices by WHS Queensland [ 08-Jan-2017 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Managing Partner, Workplace Law ( Since the tr..

More than $16,000 back-pay secured for overseas workers at labour-hire company [ 08-Jan-2017 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured a total of $16,300 back-pay for five overseas workers at a l..

What are your payroll operational performance measures? [ 08-Jan-2017 ]

Chris Harvie, ( Director, PwC To raise t..

​ October 26, 1985 – what is the connection with payroll? [ 18-Dec-2016 ]

Chris Harvie, Director, PwC Payroll Consulting Practice As we all know, payroll relies ..

Ah yes, the safety dance: WHS is an issue for everyone [ 18-Dec-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The media has extensively repo..

Fair Work Ombudsman takes legal action after young apprentices allegedly short-changed $32,000 [ 18-Dec-2016 ]

A Queensland building and construction company and its director are facing court over allegation..

Public Holidays [ 18-Dec-2016 ]

Barbara Nunn, Subject Matter Expert, Australian Payroll Association It’s Santa season! A..

​ 7-Eleven signs ‘landmark’ agreement with Fair Work Ombudsman [ 11-Dec-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The convenience store chain 7-Eleven has signed a Proactive Complianc..

2016: The year of accessorial liability [ 11-Dec-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) HR directors and corporate leaders beware: the FWO is taking legal ac..

Employers short-changing workers by withholding superannuation: Report [ 11-Dec-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Employers withheld at least $3.6 billion in superannuation payments t..

Once upon a time in Payroll – Employers behaving badly [ 11-Dec-2016 ]

Priscilla Decker, PwC Payroll Consulting Practice ( ..

Use it or lose it: Terminating employment and police investigations [ 11-Dec-2016 ]

The decision of the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) in NW v Taitung Australia Pty Ltd [201..

Are penalty rates relics in today’s modern gig economy? [ 04-Dec-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Do penalty rates attract people to work on weekends or holidays or ar..

FroYo master franchisor penalised for involvement in workplace law contraventions [ 04-Dec-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Significant decision case s..

How to step safely through the festive season minefield [ 04-Dec-2016 ]

(source HC Online) December and January can be an exciting time in many offices. For some ma..

Ignorance is no defence: Wholesaler to repay $76K after underpaying casual workers [ 04-Dec-2016 ]

A Gold Coast business will repay more than $76,000 to two workers who were not paid their ..

​ Fair Work Ombudsman secures record $126,000 penalty against Brisbane businessman for underpaying s [ 27-Nov-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) A legal action initiated by the Fair Work Ombudsman has resulted in a ..

​ Pick and pay: FWO crackdown on piecework rates [ 27-Nov-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Last month, the Fair Work Omb..

5 situations to avoid when implementing a new payroll system [ 27-Nov-2016 ]

Pricilla Decker, PwC The implementation of a new payroll system brings high expectations fro..

Company and director penalised $124,000 for worker exploitation [ 27-Nov-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Australian Sales and Promotions and its director Paul Ainsworth have ..

Health payroll system still bleeding [ 27-Nov-2016 ]

Queensland Health’s notoriously flawed payroll system is still overpaying employees up to $770,0..

Fair Work Ombudsman secures record $126,000 penalty against Brisbane businessman for underpaying sta [ 20-Nov-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) A legal action initiated by the Fair Work Ombudsman has resulted in a ..

Health payroll system still bleeding [ 20-Nov-2016 ]

(source Courier Mail) Queensland Health’s notoriously flawed payroll system is still overpay..

Pick and pay: FWO crackdown on piecework rates [ 20-Nov-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Last month, the Fair Work Ombud..

What makes a great payroll professional? [ 20-Nov-2016 ]

(source Australian Super ( News Portal) Payroll is one of..

Are there similarities between Payroll and a Sports team? [ 13-Nov-2016 ]

Kathy Mestre, PwC When you think about your favourite footy team, whether it’s you..

Christmas shutdown [ 13-Nov-2016 ]

Priscilla Decker, PwC Many employers shut down their operations for a short period betwe..

Personal pay details sent to wrong schools in latest Novopay botch-up [ 13-Nov-2016 ]

(source NZ Herald) A massive privacy breach has struck the beleaguered Novopay school pa..

Up close and personal [ 13-Nov-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) When Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James spoke at a recent gatherin..

We’ve hit the jackpot! - Workplace lotto syndicates and bullying [ 13-Nov-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Recently it was reported that a..

​ Federal Court makes precedent-setting worker exploitation judgment [ 06-Nov-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain has been penalised $146,000 over ..

$1.7m: fraud Mum's spree [ 06-Nov-2016 ]

A Gold Coast woman has been sentenced to nine years in jail for stealing $1.7million from a not-..

Caltex denies employee underpayments amid allegations franchise bosses told workers to lie to Fair W [ 06-Nov-2016 ]

(source Smartsalary) Service station franchise owners were tipped off by oil giant Caltex ..

The fine print: Employee given green light to pursue employer for underpayment [ 06-Nov-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Western Australian Industrial..

When is Cloud Really Cloud? [ 06-Nov-2016 ]

Greg McManus, Payroll Metrics ( As organisations direct their..

Modern awards and payroll compliance [ 30-Oct-2016 ]

Mawona Makwavarara, PwC Payroll Consulting Practice ( ..

Penalties for “appalling” conduct in unlawfully deducting $130 000 from cleaners’ wages [ 30-Oct-2016 ]

A businessman with a history of misconduct and his former human resources manager have been pena..

Proposed PPL changes could impact health of expectant mothers: Lawyer [ 30-Oct-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The federal government recently introduced proposed legislation to re..

Top Secret: Working from home and confidentiality [ 30-Oct-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Recent Australian Bureau of Sta..

​ How to maintain interest in rewards programs [ 23-Oct-2016 ]

(source Human Capital0 Recognition programs often start with a bang, said Colin Wong, direct..

​ SuperStream deadline approaches: Small businesses have until October 28 to get on board [ 23-Oct-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) Small businesses are being urged to act now to adopt SuperStream by th..

2016 Payroll Conference photos [ 23-Oct-2016 ]


When things get “personnel” – HR manager dismissed for failing to return personnel file [ 23-Oct-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In a recent decision of t..

Clocked-off but carrying on: Employee dismissed for out of hours conduct [ 16-Oct-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In a recent decision of the Fai..

Delivering Accessible People Analytics [ 16-Oct-2016 ]

Australian workforce management provider RITEQ, today announced the acquisition of human capital..

Do financial incentives really boost performance? [ 16-Oct-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Employers typically use financial incentives for staff motivation, a..

Why your office is killing productivity and IQ [ 16-Oct-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The modern office environment seems almost purpose-built to de..

​ We don’t talk anymore... Consultation and genuine redundancy [ 09-Oct-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (F..

Australian charities face scrutiny in new Inquiry [ 09-Oct-2016 ]

Some major Australian charities will be scrutinised by the Fair Work Ombudsman as part of a new ..

PwC grows Payroll Consulting Practice [ 09-Oct-2016 ]

PwC continues to build their fast growing Payroll Consulting Practice with the recent appointmen..

What should you stop, automate or standardise [ 05-Oct-2016 ]

George Johnson, Director, PwC As organisations look to the future with a focus on smarter, ..

​ ATO awards IBM an Amazon project worth millions [ 03-Oct-2016 ]

(source SMH) The Australian Taxation Office has awarded IBM a $4 million contract to de..

Employer under fire for paid graduate scheme [ 03-Oct-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Law firm WBH Legal has backed down on a controversial graduate progra..

I'll make you a (redeployment) offer that you cannot refuse! [ 03-Oct-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In our previous blog article O..

Payroll clerk busted days before attempting to steal $400,000 and fleeing to the US, court hears [ 03-Oct-2016 ]

(source Courier Mail) A senior Woolworths payroll clerk with a “love of the high life” who ..

SMEs still waiting on penalty rate detail as Fair Work floats the idea of “loaded rates” instead [ 03-Oct-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) Businesses are still waiting to learn if Australia’s penalty rate law..

5 Company traits that keep the best Payroll professionals fully engaged [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

Andy Thompson, Recruitment Director (, Austral..

Are you ready for the digital future? [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

Ramco CoffeeConnection is an initiative by Ramco Systems. It is an exclusive forum for though..

Complexica CEO to Keynote at Australia Payroll Association’s Annual Conference [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

Complexica Pty Ltd, leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software and data science servic..

Labour-hire contractor signs workplace pact after underpaying Korean workers thousands of dollars [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

More than 90 Korean backpackers have been underpaid thousands of dollars while working on a farm..

New Community Engagement Grants Program [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

Guidelines for new grants to deliver advice and assistance on workplace laws to vulnerable group..

No soup for you! – double dipping and applications “in relation to” dismissals [ 25-Sep-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Jurisdictional objections can s..

Australia a step closer to Single Touch Payroll and greater efficiency [ 18-Sep-2016 ]

Angela Lehmann, Legislative Manager, ADP After many months of attending consultation mee..

Employing visa holders: Do you know the legal risks? [ 18-Sep-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) With 73% of all litigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman involving visa ..

FWC delays penalty rate decision [ 18-Sep-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The final decision of the Four Yearly Review of Penalty Rates has be..

Preaching to the converted – casual conversion, prior service and the calculation of entitlements [ 18-Sep-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission (FWC)..

Superannuation Changes Announced [ 18-Sep-2016 ]

(source PT Partners) ( Since the Federal Budget on 3 May 2016,..

ABC presenter loses work compensation claim [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Maryann Demasi, host of ABC television program Catalyst, has lost a c..

ATO Single Touch Payroll is coming [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

OPINION PIECE from InPayTech The Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) initiative to create ‘r..

Employers reject union push to rethink EAs [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) One of Australian’s largest employer groups has said it will fight an..

Get a free professional headshot at the APA conference [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

Affinity Employer Services is providing all delegates with the opportunity to get a professional..

Maximise the profile and potential of payroll [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

This is the theme to this years conference ( at the Melbourne C..

Would I lie to you? – Applicants who provide phony statements of service and referees to secure a jo [ 11-Sep-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It has recently been reported ..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There are a range of laws in A..

Big businesses splash out on staff bonuses but does extra cash keep employees motivated? [ 04-Sep-2016 ]

(source SmartCompany) The bonuses delivered to staff at some of Australia’s biggest com..

Channel Seven embroiled in adverse action case [ 04-Sep-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Two former staff have filed for adverse action against Channel Seve..

Salon operator penalised $112,000 for “self-serving piece of subterfuge” in exploiting overseas work [ 04-Sep-2016 ]

The operators of an Adelaide hairdressing salon have been penalised a total of $112,000 and ordered ..

7-Eleven's wage fraud sparks $170 billion blow back [ 28-Aug-2016 ]

(source SMH) The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched a fresh investigation into scandal-plagued..

Channel Seven embroiled in adverse action case [ 28-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Two former staff have filed for adverse action against Channe..

Single Touch Payroll – bringing payroll and compliance into the digital realm [ 28-Aug-2016 ]

Conference topic with Angela Lehmann - ADP, Legislative Manager and John Shepherd, ATO, Assistan..

Unlimited annual leave arrives in Australia [ 28-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) In June, innovation consultancy Inventium began offering unlimited an..

Would I lie to you? – Applicants who provide phony statements of service and referees to secure a jo [ 28-Aug-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It has recently been reported t..

Business Group slams push against casuals [ 21-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and the Australian Chamber ..

Casual hours to count towards redundancy payouts [ 21-Aug-2016 ]

(source SMH) Periods of regular casual employment will now be counted towards redundancy ent..

Employer fined $300k after underpaying staff [ 21-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The owners-operators of Mamak Malaysian, an inner Sydney restaurant,..

Ride with me – Food delivery bicycle riders and sham contracting [ 21-Aug-2016 ]

Athena Koelmyer, Workplace Law ( Last month, the Young Workers Cent..

​ FWC ruling puts ‘outside employment’ in the spotlight [ 14-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has upheld a decision by West Austral..

Aussies most likely to call in sick to watch sporting events: How to handle sport-related sickies in [ 14-Aug-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) Australian workers are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to ..

HR mistake costs business $54k [ 14-Aug-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Ombudsman has found a Coffs Harbour business has..

School’s out: How workplace conflict can become bullying behaviour [ 14-Aug-2016 ]

Left unaddressed, workplace conflict can sometimes evolve into allegations of bullying behaviour..

​ Cold As Ice - Recruitment Company snowed under by social media reaction to misbehaving employees [ 07-Aug-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( On 10 July 2016, a Mount Bulle..

Millions of Australians can now 'cash out' their annual leave [ 07-Aug-2016 ]

(source SMH) Millions of Australians can now cash out annual leave and take the money instea..

Social Services wants to use payroll data to target fraud [ 07-Aug-2016 ]

But legislation is standing in its way. The Department of Social Services says the un..

$90,000 penalties for contractors who paid their trolley collectors as little as $8 an hour [ 31-Jul-2016 ]

Trolley collection contractors who were once part of supply chains for Woolworths, Coles and Foo..

Can you dock staff for extended volunteer leave? [ 31-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Aluminium mining and refining company Alcoa was in the media spo..

Coles slams “unlawful” industrial action [ 31-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Coles has criticised the actions of the National Union of Workers (NU..

Private eyes (are watching you): employee access and use of personal information [ 31-Jul-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( For some positions, client info..

Employer addresses gender inequity with new parental leave scheme [ 24-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A South Australian electricity distributor is taking steps to address..

Employer apprentice incentives set to double [ 24-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a greater tax ..

Imagine if we were 33% less angry [ 24-Jul-2016 ]

We are thrilled to have Andrew Griffiths, Australia's number one business author, open our 2016 ..

When the going gets tough – reducing staffing costs and being open with employees [ 24-Jul-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( When a company is confronted with..

Yogurberry master franchisor faces Court over alleged underpayment of overseas workers [ 24-Jul-2016 ]

The head Australian company and master franchisor of the Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain faces l..

Employer addresses gender inequity with new parental leave scheme [ 16-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A South Australian electricity distributor is taking steps to addre..

Yogurberry master franchisor faces Court over alleged underpayment of overseas workers [ 16-Jul-2016 ]

The head Australian company and master franchisor of the Yogurberry frozen yoghurt chain f..

​ Fair Work Commission raises the high-income threshold for unfair dismissal actions [ 10-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission has increased the high-income thresholds fo..

A Policy of Truth - Why employers should carry out pre-employment checks [ 10-Jul-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( It is all too tempting to for j..

Court penalties of $93,000 and $374,000 back-pay order against Adelaide transport company [ 10-Jul-2016 ]

An Adelaide transport company has been penalised a total of $93,000 and been ordered to back-pay..

No hiding for labour hire companies: FWC [ 10-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Labour hire employers should take note of a recent case heard at the ..

Step Ahead Security Services boss Owen Jennings hit with record penalties for underpaying guards [ 10-Jul-2016 ]

(source The Courier Mail) A Gold Coast security company boss has been hit with a record $308..

​ Running Man – Employee who faked test results abandons hearing [ 03-Jul-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Generally speaking, most matters ..

Almost $800,000 back-pay for 83 workers [ 03-Jul-2016 ]

Dozens of factory workers on the NSW Mid-North Coast have now been reimbursed a total of $795,00..

Employee ordered to pay employer's costs [ 03-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has discretion to make a costs order ..

Investigation reveals extent of trolley worker exploitation [ 03-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A 12-month investigation that audited 130 Woolworths supermarkets ha..

Optus looks at HR offshoring options [ 03-Jul-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Speculation over a decision by Optus to offshore its HR and finance-a..

​ A rose by any other name? Beware of racial discrimination in the recruitment process [ 26-Jun-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In his Logie Award acceptance..

Commonwealth Bank pay practices under fire following union audit [ 26-Jun-2016 ]

A “snap audit” of the Commonwealth Bank’s pay practices conducted by the finance union has made ..

Fast-food vendor accused of underpaying workers and fabricating records [ 26-Jun-2016 ]

A fast-food outlet in Sydney is alleged to have fabricated employment records and underpaid 11 e..

Record penalty against 7-Eleven operator who systematically exploited staff [ 26-Jun-2016 ]

A record penalty of more than $400,000 has been imposed against the operators of a 7-Eleven stor..

Woolworths trolley collection services [ 26-Jun-2016 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman today released the findings of its Inquiry into the procurement of troll..

Can an employee who resigns and then rescinds still claim unfair dismissal? [ 19-Jun-2016 ]

Source Human Capital Speaking at HR Summit Perth earlier this month, Anne Casellas, ..

I smell a rat - the new FWO anonymous tip-off service [ 19-Jun-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) h..

Mining services company short-changes 205 employees more than $2 million [ 19-Jun-2016 ]

A Victorian-based mining services company is repaying more than $2 million to workers who were s..

Roadhouse operator faces Court for allegedly withholding paid parental leave funding [ 19-Jun-2016 ]

The former operator of a roadhouse in regional NSW will face Court for allegedly withholding mor..

Tax tips: Self education expenses [ 19-Jun-2016 ]

Tax tips from PT Partners ( Australian Payroll Association off..

Coles refuses to pay higher penalty rates, rebuffs Fair Work [ 12-Jun-2016 ]

(source SMH) Supermarket giant Coles has shunned the industrial umpire by refusing to lift ..

Company fined more than quarter of a million over internship fraud [ 12-Jun-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A Sydney-based media company has been fined $272,850 for allegedly di..

Wash your mouth out! – Bad and threatening language in the workplace [ 12-Jun-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There has been a spate of decis..

WorkForce Software acquires Workplace, global leader in schedule optimisation [ 12-Jun-2016 ]

WorkForce Software today announced that it has acquired Workplace, the leading cloud-based emplo..

2016 - 2017 ANNUAL WAGE REVIEW DECISION [ 06-Jun-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In accordance with the Fair Wo..

ACT lifts payroll tax threshold to $2 million: How the other states and territories stack up [ 06-Jun-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) More small businesses in the Australian Capital Territory will..

Annual leave amendments to all modern awards [ 06-Jun-2016 ]

(source Cooper Grace Ward) As part of the four yearly review of modern awards, the Fair Work..

Five things to know about 457 visas [ 06-Jun-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Despite sometimes seeming like a labyrinth of bureaucracy and legisla..

FWO launches new ‘dob-in’ service [ 06-Jun-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A new online tip-off service has been established that will allow e..

​ FWC orders compensation for “huddle”-avoiding employee [ 29-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A Queensland employer that sacked a migrant worker after he refused ..

How to reduce turnover among the younger employees in your business [ 29-May-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) A US survey by Deloitte found 44% of all young workers plan to l..

Is Uber sham contracting? [ 29-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Ride-sharing giant Uber is facing a class action law suit from driver..

Woolworths trolley collector underpaid $26,000 in less than four months [ 29-May-2016 ]

(source SMH) The 26-year-old Korean national was unpaid $26,000 in less than four months. ..

Working 9 to 5? Overtime and reasonable additional hours [ 29-May-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers are often left complete..

​ What to do when employees leave but their online profile says otherwise [ 22-May-2016 ]

By Shane Koelmeyer via SmartCompany We all know social media has power for both good and b..

7-Eleven board has questions to answer [ 22-May-2016 ]

(source SMH) Michael Smith, the 7-Eleven chair, has promised a new approach. "You cannot out..

Objection! – Access to the Unfair Dismissal Jurisdiction [ 22-May-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers unfamiliar with the u..

Tasmanian small business owner fined $70,000 for underpaying young backpackers and leaving them “str [ 22-May-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) A small business owner has been fined $70,000 by the Federal Circuit ..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Cold and flu season is upon us ag..

7-Eleven payments crisis deepens after Fels sacked [ 15-May-2016 ]

(Source The Australian) Allan Fels has expressed “deep concerns” over the possibility of da..

Senator Cash on the future of IR in Australia [ 15-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The evolution of modern business and the changing relationships betw..

Toll awarded $18,000 from drug-test faking employee [ 15-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Logistics giant Toll Holdings has scored a win from the Fair Work Com..

7-Eleven owner fined over $200,000 for employee underpayment [ 08-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A NSW 7-Eleven operator has been fined more than $200,000 for underp..

Allan Fels enraged by 7-Eleven going slow on wage payouts [ 08-May-2016 ]

(source Financial Review) Tensions have flared between 7-Eleven and the Fels Wage Fairness ..

Federal budget 2016/17 [ 08-May-2016 ]

(source PwC) Changes to the FBT system for work-related electronic devices The Governm..

I’ll be there for you: the Support Person in the Disciplinary Process [ 08-May-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employees often argue that they..

Labor vows to support penalty rates [ 08-May-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) While the Fair Work Commission is currently considering a raft of c..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In a recent decision of the Feder..

Employer sidelines worker’s $19,000 nest egg [ 01-May-2016 ]

A Melbourne truck driver who personally handed over $100 a fortnight for seven years to be salar..

Reckon launches Payroll software [ 01-May-2016 ]

Cloud accounting software company Reckon has launched a new Payroll software program, potentiall..

Western Sydney sales manager underpaid $31,000 [ 01-May-2016 ]

A wholesale business in Western Sydney is back-paying a sales manager more than $31,000 followin..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In our recent e-update article..

​ HR3 announces the sale of a majority shareholding to RMB Capital Partners [ 25-Apr-2016 ]

HR3 Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading providers of Employee Management software and solutions,..

Hairdressing operator fined $162,000 over underpayment of young salon employees [ 25-Apr-2016 ]

The Federal Circuit Court has imposed an unprecedented injunction restraining a NSW hairdresser..

Sydney designer to the stars Johanna Johnson accused of underpaying staff [ 25-Apr-2016 ]

(source WA Today) Sydney designer Johanna Johnson has made headlines dressing the Hollywood..

Boardrooms “on notice” to pay attention to their labour supply chains [ 17-Apr-2016 ]

(First published by Fairfax on Saturday April) “At least I’m surviving … not starvin..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( BlueScope Steel Limited v S [2016] F..

Redundancies – how can HR get them right? [ 17-Apr-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) As tough economic times are forcing corporations across Australia to ..

Why this sushi business was ordered to pay a former employee $25,000 [ 17-Apr-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) A sushi business that was placed into administration last year has be..

APA announces alliance with PwC [ 15-Apr-2016 ]


​ Long service leave could be replaced by extra super or annual leave [ 10-Apr-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Employers should offer staff extra superannuation or an annual take ..

“I’m late; I’m late, for a very important date!” how to deal with latecomers in the workplace. [ 10-Apr-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( In a recent Fair Work Commission (..

Can you legally terminate an employee for their social media posts? [ 10-Apr-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Shaming your employer on social media might be considered a sac..

Five top tips for retaining great payroll professionals [ 10-Apr-2016 ]

Andy Thompson, Payroll Recruitment Specialist ( I was reminded o..

Statement on 7-Eleven from FWO [ 10-Apr-2016 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman today released a Report on the findings of its Inquiry into the 7-..

Does the end of daylight saving affect payroll? [ 03-Apr-2016 ]

Source Workplace Info Daylight saving does not apply in Queensland, Western Australia or th..

FWO First: Former Director still liable to pay penalties with his new wages [ 03-Apr-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v Sona Peaks..

Half-a-million dollar top-up for pay packets of hundreds of take-away food workers [ 03-Apr-2016 ]

Workers in take-away food outlets across Australia have been underpaid hundreds of thousands of ..

Workplace Gender Equality Reporting in 2016 [ 03-Apr-2016 ]

The 2015-16 reporting period under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act) commenced on 1 A..

Court imposes $118,800 penalty for underpayment of Chinese massage therapists [ 28-Mar-2016 ]

A federal judge has sounded a warning to massage shops that flouting minimum pay rates will not ..

Tasmanian businesswoman penalised almost $98,000 over “heartless” treatment of workers [ 28-Mar-2016 ]

Launceston businesswoman Wendy Langridge has been penalised almost $98,000 for her "heartless" t..

Vale Maureen Martin [ 28-Mar-2016 ]

It was with much sadness that we heard of the passing of Maureen Martin last week. ..


The recent Australia Day off-field incident which involved an NRL Sydney Roosters (the Club) pla..

Worker exploitation is a national disgrace [ 28-Mar-2016 ]

Source SMH Edwin De Castro's account of his work life is harrowing: 60 to 70-hour working..

​ Paramedics threaten to ban patient billing in response to pay issu [ 20-Mar-2016 ]

(source SMH) NSW paramedics who have been underpaid hundreds of dollars in their fortnightl..

Easter travellers to be hit by airport strike [ 20-Mar-2016 ]

(Source SMH) The largest strike in the public sector's two year industrial battle is set to ..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law Last week it was reported that a Bunnings Warehouse (Bunnin..

Unions push to make casual workers permanent [ 20-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Employers could be forced to convert casual workers into permanent em..

What you need to know about public holidays [ 20-Mar-2016 ]

Around this time of the year we get a lot of questions about public holidays. Here's answers to..

Cost of MBIE payroll problems unknown [ 13-Mar-2016 ]

Apparent payroll problems in the Government's largest ministry could be spread through the publi..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Ms LP [2016] FWC 763 The Fa..

This time its personal – HR, payroll and accessorial liability [ 13-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) HR professionals should be aware that the misdeeds of their employers..

Turnbull pushes for workplace law changes [ 13-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has again asked Fe..

Why mobilise Payroll and HR? [ 13-Mar-2016 ]

The statistics tells us that there is a 66% chance that you will be reading this on a mobile dev..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Workplace monitoring and surv..

HR manager, director, held jointly liable for breach [ 06-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) A HR manager has been charged with accessorial liability for making u..

National portable long service leave - what are the costs to your business? [ 06-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The findings of a Senate enquiry into the possibility of a port..

Repair not replacement – what the proposed Fair Work Act changes mean for you [ 06-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) After a 12-month inquiry, the Productivity Commission released the W..

Vice-president of Fair Work Commission resigns [ 06-Mar-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Michael Lawler, the vice-president of the Fair Work Commission (..

​ Dick Smith announces 2,500 redundancies [ 28-Feb-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Failed retailer, Dick Smith, will close down its stores across Austra..

2016 Australian payroll benchmarking report available now [ 28-Feb-2016 ]

2016 Australian payroll benchmarking report available now on the APA members portal (http://www...

Co-operation at the “door of the Court” too late to avoid penalty, Judge tells businesswoman [ 28-Feb-2016 ]

A Federal Circuit Court judge has told a Melbourne businesswoman she could have avoided a $9000 ..

Employers’ vicarious liability for employee’s discriminatory conduct [ 28-Feb-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The decision of the Northern Te..

The Tax Reforms Being Mooted from Each Side of Politics [ 28-Feb-2016 ]

Josh McMullen, PT Partners ( Due to the crushing nature of t..

ASIC cracks down on super fund inducements [ 21-Feb-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Choosing a default superannuation fund for your organisation’s employ..

Cleaning operator faces Court for allegedly underpaying overseas workers almost $60,000 [ 21-Feb-2016 ]

The operator of a cleaning services business in Brisbane is facing Court for allegedly underpayi..

FairWork goes after accountants [ 21-Feb-2016 ]

(source NT News) A Melbourne accounting firm is being taken to court for providing payroll s..

Requesting a doctor’s note – be careful what you ask for [ 21-Feb-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) With statistics showing that on any given weekday around 300,000 Aust..


Commissioner Peter Hampton of the, Fair Work Commission (FWC), has provided some clarity a..

Australia a big deal for Ramco [ 14-Feb-2016 ]

(source The Australian) Indian enterprise software provider Ramco is looking carve out a sha..

IF THE BOOT DOESN’T FIT [ 14-Feb-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( AJ Convenience Stores Pty Ltd T..

New payroll system underpays Fairfax NZ staff [ 14-Feb-2016 ]

(source Newshub) Staff at Fairfax Media NZ have been short-changed up to $900 after the fir..

Underpayment claims at Spotless [ 14-Feb-2016 ]

(source Australian Financial Review) Elaine Gray, a 75-year-old retiree, received a letter..

Young Sydney workers back-paid $35,000 [ 14-Feb-2016 ]

A business on Sydney’s north shore has back-paid three young employees almost $35,000 following ..

ATO catches salesman who tried to claim “disgraceful” work-related expenses [ 07-Feb-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) A Sydney man will have to pay a hefty penalty after the Australian Tax..

Can you force an employee to take a holiday? [ 07-Feb-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) While holidays usually signal a welcome relief during the working year..

Dick Smith may have underpaid 3200 staff $2m: receivers [ 07-Feb-2016 ]

(source The Australian) Failed consumer electronics retailer Dick Smith first discovered in ..

Newcastle worker back paid $15,000 [ 07-Feb-2016 ]

A worker at a fast food outlet in Newcastle, in the Hunter Valley, has been back-paid $15,..

Out on the Full: AFL Club fined for Work Health and Safety Breaches [ 07-Feb-2016 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Last year the Essendon Footba..

​ Commission rejects 7-Eleven pay deal [ 31-Jan-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission has rejected a 7-Eleven pay deal because it ..

​ Is it time to revisit your paid parental leave scheme? [ 31-Jan-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Proposed changes to the Federal Government’s Paid Parental Leave (PP..

'Greedy' law firm administrator Charmaine Herron stole $400K, 'betrayed everyone' [ 31-Jan-2016 ]

(source A disgraced law firm administrator who stole about $400,000 from her em..

How to Manage Chronically Late Employees [ 31-Jan-2016 ]

Tony Rosier - TSheets ( “My alarm didn’t go off this mornin..

International student underpaid more than $20,000 because she was “not an Aussie” [ 31-Jan-2016 ]

(source SmartCompany) A Melbourne business owner has agreed to reimburse a Nepalese woman $..

Ballarat security guard underpaid $30,000 [ 24-Jan-2016 ]

A Victorian security company has been put on notice after it short-changed a Ballarat employee ..

Hot-desking lands ATO in compensation case [ 24-Jan-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian Taxation Office has been involved in a long legal batt..

Sham contracting: if it quacks like a duck… [ 24-Jan-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Recent cases have shown that the courts are prepared to come down har..

The best performing super funds of 2015 revealed [ 24-Jan-2016 ]

(source SmartCompany) Australians with superannuation funds investing in international share..

Why Australia Day is a favourite for pulling sickies [ 24-Jan-2016 ]

(source Smartcompany) Business owners might be at risk of poor staff turnout if employees c..

Another 7-Eleven franchisee faces court after allegedly underpaying 21 staff $31,000 [ 17-Jan-2016 ]

(source Smart Company) The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against another 7..

Coffs Harbour truckies allegedly underpaid $143k [ 17-Jan-2016 ]

The former owner-operator of a transport company is facing Court for allegedly short-changing 1..

Crucial crossbenchers slam 'mean and stupid' Turnbull cuts to paid parental leave [ 17-Jan-2016 ]

(source SMH) The government's proposed cuts to paid parental leave face an uncertain fu..

Tips for defending adverse action claims [ 17-Jan-2016 ]

(source Human Capital) Dismissing, demoting or issuing a disciplinary warning against an emp..

​ Hobart manager receives almost $22,000 back-pay [ 10-Jan-2016 ]

The manager of a business in Hobart has been back-paid almost $22,000 following recent interven..

​ Uncertainty plagues paid parental leave [ 10-Jan-2016 ]

(source Business Spectator) As uncertainty over the government’s intentions around parental ..

Hairdresser stung with $21,000 fine after ignoring Fair Work Ombudsman [ 10-Jan-2016 ]

(source smartcompany) A hair and beauty salon in Western Sydney has been fined $21,000 afte..

How to deal with the holidays 'ghost employees' [ 10-Jan-2016 ]

(source Mitrefinch) Ghost employees on the payroll could be costing companies a lot of mone..

Probe into MCG supply chain finds alleged exploitation of visa-holders [ 10-Jan-2016 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched legal action against the Australian arm of a multi-national..

Craig Thomson fined $500K for Fair Work Act breach [ 21-Dec-2015 ]

(source Human capital) Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been ordered to pay almost $500,0..

Ensure a ‘gift’ of festive fairness at work [ 21-Dec-2015 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has urged employers and employees to check the pay rates and entitlement..

Five lessons from some of the most important unfair dismissal cases of 2015 [ 21-Dec-2015 ]

(Source Smartcompany) Unfair dismissal cases can be a legal minefield for small businesses t..

FWC ruling provides clarity around redundancy payments [ 21-Dec-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Picture this: A cleaning business successfully obtains a contr..

Sydney cleaning company accused of underpaying workers by almost $500,000 [ 21-Dec-2015 ]

(source ABC) One of Sydney's largest cleaning companies, BIC Cleaning Services, has been acc..

Can you dismiss an employee while they are on leave? [ 13-Dec-2015 ]

(source Human Cpital) Most HR professionals know that disciplinary procedures need to b..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Department store Myer has ..

FBT changes: electronic devices and meal and entertainment [ 13-Dec-2015 ]

Rohan Geddes, Partner, PwC Changes to the FBT system for work-related electronic ..

Qld can't sue for payroll bungle: Judge [ 13-Dec-2015 ]

(source Sky News) The Queensland government's lawsuit against IBM Australia over the disastr..

Six steps to complying with immigration law [ 13-Dec-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) On July 1, the Australian Border Force (ABF) came into being. Since t..

​ What does the Fair Work Amendments Bill mean for employers? [ 06-Dec-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) After spending over a year being considered by Parliament, the first ..

Blueberry farm to back-pay seasonal workers $46,000 after being stung by Fair Work Ombudsman [ 06-Dec-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) The operators of several blueberry farms in New South Wales have..

FEELIN’ HOT HOT HOT (AT WORK)! [ 06-Dec-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( As the weather heats up a..

Four things your business should know following the 7-Eleven wage scandal [ 06-Dec-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) We’ve all read about the 7-Eleven wage scandal that involved wor..

Overseas worker recruited as restaurant manager, but employed as chef and underpaid $45,000 [ 06-Dec-2015 ]

An employee recruited from Malaysia to work as a restaurant manager in regional Queensland..

​ Why Facebook is rolling out four months of paid parental leave for more than 10,000 employees worl [ 29-Nov-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Facebook will offer four months of paid parental leave for all full ti..

Myer whistleblower Rafael Colobon sacked after speaking out about the exploitation of cleaners [ 29-Nov-2015 ]

(source SMH) A young whistleblower who exposed the exploitation of cleaners at Myer will on..

Pizza Hut responds to underpayment allegations [ 29-Nov-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) This week, Pizza Hut faced allegations that its franchisees were un..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In our article “Champagne..

7-Eleven's Starbucks chain had wage issues, Senate hears [ 22-Nov-2015 ]

(source Canberra Times) A former payroll officer at 7-Eleven and associated entity Star..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v AIMG BQ ..

Myer rejects FWO assistance after ‘sham contracting’ claims [ 22-Nov-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Aussie retail giant Myer has reportedly rejected an offer of assistan..

Payroll mishaps cost FTSE 100 companies up to £30m a year [ 22-Nov-2015 ]

Payroll slip-ups are costing the average FTSE 100 ( company betwe..

Wage fraud: Pizza Hut franchisees using 'sham' contracts to underpay drivers [ 22-Nov-2015 ]

(source SMH) Australia's second-biggest pizza chain, Pizza Hut, is under fire as evidence em..

Franchisors to oversee employment practices of franchisees [ 15-Nov-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) A new private Bill has been introduced in the Parliament entitle..

Overpaid NZ teachers to be referred to debt collectors after payroll bungle [ 15-Nov-2015 ]

(source IT news) The New Zealand government has restarted efforts to recoup the remaining NZ..

Rock, paper, scissors: injury, illness or disability? [ 15-Nov-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In July 2015 the Federal C..

​ SA's On The Run convenience store under investigation for traineeship wage loophole [ 08-Nov-2015 ]

(source ABC) One of South Australia's biggest employers, the On The Run convenience store ..

Employees could soon donate money to charities straight from their pay packets [ 08-Nov-2015 ]

(source Courier Mail) Employees would automatically donate money from their pay packet each ..

'Ignorance is not a defence' – how HR can minimise personal liability risks [ 08-Nov-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) In June, a case before the federal court presented a timely war..

Immigration department defends decision to send border staff home [ 08-Nov-2015 ]

(source The Guardian) About 500 staff from the shipping and freight areas of the newly merg..

Time to Say Goodbye -Employee’s Failing to Give Notice [ 08-Nov-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( You may have seen on the inter..

​ Trend: Workforce Planning, informed by Data Analytics [ 01-Nov-2015 ]

David Kroser, Riteq Data analytics was a hot topic at the recent HR Transformation confe..

CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS and what else to avoid at the Office Christmas Party [ 01-Nov-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Yes, this is our annual ..

Five hundred tax file numbers hacked every day [ 01-Nov-2015 ]

(source SMH) Federal police are hunting a gang of identity thieves who have been hacki..

Hardly chicken feed: Poultry producer Baiada to pay $500,000 back to workers underpaid by subcontrac [ 01-Nov-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) The company behind Steggles and Lilydale chicken brands has agreed to ..

Overtime – it’s common, but is it legal? [ 01-Nov-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) With ABS statistics showing that most Australians are working more than ..

​ Free from detention and granted residency, asylum seeker allegedly exploited, paid only $3.49 an h [ 25-Oct-2015 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking legal action against an employer who allegedly exploited a vu..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v Liquid F..

Myer and cleaning contractors caught up in underpayment and sham contracting claims [ 25-Oct-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Businesses risk hefty fines and ongoing brand damage if they underp..

Responding to threats in the workforce – a best practice guide [ 25-Oct-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Fairfax Media recently reported that the manager of a Northern Territ..

Who is liable for property damaged at a work function? [ 25-Oct-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Tony Abbott was back in Australia’s headlines this week after annou..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( We previously reported abou..

7-Eleven: Former franchisees dragged to court by Fair Work even after back-paying workers over $80,0 [ 18-Oct-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Two former 7-Eleven franchisees will be asked to defend their pay pra..

ATO pushing ahead with plans to introduce real-time payroll reporting [ 18-Oct-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Australian Tax Office is pushing ahead with its plans to introduce..

Stan Gordon says his Franchised Food Company would shut and axe 5000 jobs if Adam Bandt’s franchisin [ 18-Oct-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) Franchised Food Company would close down if Greens MP Adam Bandt’..

Complimentary payroll fraud webinar [ 11-Oct-2015 ]

Payroll fraud is an inherent risk in every organisation that has a payroll function! Management ..

Malcolm Turnbull urged to use more muscle over penalty rates [ 11-Oct-2015 ]

(source The Australian) Business and industry groups are urging the Turnbull g..

New options for managing “excessive”annual leave accruals [ 11-Oct-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In June 2015, the FWC is..

Which country takes the most 'sickies'? [ 11-Oct-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) According to a survey by Direct Health Solutions, Australian employee..

All done: ATO pilots "OK" tax return letters [ 05-Oct-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) This year, the ATO is sending letters to a small group of taxpayers as..

Australian Payroll Institute [ 05-Oct-2015 ]

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Australian Payroll Institute, Australia's only RTO sp..

Incoming 7-Eleven chairman admits to ‘strangling franchisees’ [ 05-Oct-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) 7-Eleven’s newly appointed chairman has admitted that the company and..

Payroll: Over, under or just right? [ 05-Oct-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) In September 2014, Canberra’s Prime Minister and Cabinet was le..

Work experience and underpayment claims [ 05-Oct-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Work experience arrangements, i..

7-Eleven admits allowing franchisees to pay whatever rate they liked, Senate hears [ 27-Sep-2015 ]

(source ) 7-Eleven's payroll system up until a few years ago allowed franchisees to pay what..

7-Eleven vows to repay all underpaid workers [ 27-Sep-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Senior management at franchise chain 7-Eleven have made a promise t..

Australian workplace bullying case hinged on a Facebook unfriending [ 27-Sep-2015 ]

Earlier this week, the Australian Fair Work Commission ruled that a complaint about a real..

Malcolm Turnbull: Sunday penalty rates up for consideration by new government [ 27-Sep-2015 ]

(source SMH) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government will consider reducing Su..

No strings attached – right? Fixed term employment relationships [ 27-Sep-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( With a fixed term employm..

Mountain Bread ordered to pay backpacker $22,000 in latest underpayment claim [ 20-Sep-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) The business that makes the popular Mountain Bread flatbreads has be..

New drug and alcohol tests for building sites may be Eric Abetz's swansong [ 20-Sep-2015 ]

Drug and alcohol testing will be introduced on building sites as part of what is expected ..

PM urged to address business issues [ 20-Sep-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Business groups have called on new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbu..

Sick and tired of it: Sick Leave and the Modern Workplace [ 20-Sep-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The “workplace warrior” ..

Spot checks for 125 Adelaide businesses [ 20-Sep-2015 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 125 businesses in Adelaide’s CBD and North Adelaide ove..

​ Everything old is new again: accident pay provisions and modern awards [ 13-Sep-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( What is accident pay? Hist..

7-Eleven: Federal government considers worker visa amnesty [ 13-Sep-2015 ]

(source SMH) The Abbott Government is 'actively considering' introducing an amnesty fo..

This time it's personal: liability for HR professionals under the Fair Work Act [ 13-Sep-2015 ]

(source Lander & Rogers) "Is this right… should I be doing this?" HR manage..

Thomson faces penalties for union spending [ 13-Sep-2015 ]

(source 9News) Craig Thomson used more than $300,000 of Health Services Union money to..

7-Eleven panics, launches buyout in wake of wage abuse scandal [ 06-Sep-2015 ]

(source AFR) "Panicking" 7-Eleven Australia has launched a wide-scale independent revi..

Court action: Sydney manufacturer accused of paying overseas workers just $8 an hour [ 06-Sep-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) A plastics manufacturer in Sydney is being taken to court by the ..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A 22 year old New Zealander..

7-Eleven: A sweatshop on every corner [ 30-Aug-2015 ]

(source SMH) The nation's biggest convenience store chain is ruthlessly rorting wages of i..

Payroll: Over, under or just right? [ 30-Aug-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) As countess high-profile cases have proven, there is no such thing a..

Qld claims payroll project too complex for IBM [ 30-Aug-2015 ]

(source AFR) A former senior Queensland bureaucrat said IBM had underestimated the complexit..

Stop! In the name of ... bullying? [ 30-Aug-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( CF, NW and Company A and ED [20..

Meet our speakers [ 28-Aug-2015 ]

We have a spectacular speaking lineup for our 2015 National Payroll Conference. Here's a sneak ..

Employee surveillance – when is it legal? [ 23-Aug-2015 ]

(souce Human Capital) According to Bryony Binns, partner at Baker & McKenzie, employer..

Freezing orders imposed against Cairns company, director after non-payment of fines and back-pay [ 23-Aug-2015 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has secured freezing orders against Cairns company Trek North Tour..

Underpayment allegations: Pie Face chief rejects “ridiculous” raid claims [ 23-Aug-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) Pie Face is the latest Australian company to come under scrutiny for..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers often express their con..

Do you believe in magic? Keynote speaker at National Payroll Conference [ 19-Aug-2015 ]

Meet Vinh Giang Book your ticket and view full agenda here (

Computer error left unchecked for eight years results in 25 factory workers being underpaid $45,000 [ 16-Aug-2015 ]

A computer error has resulted in 25 factory workers at Nambucca Heads on the NSW North Coast bei..

Hangovers cost businesses $3 billion a year: Here’s some sober advice for employers [ 16-Aug-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Hangovers due to alcohol and drug use cost businesses $3 billion a ye..

Tasmanian council under fire for unfair dismissal [ 16-Aug-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Launceston City Council has come under heavy scrutiny after firing an emp..

What to do about employees charged with criminal offences? [ 16-Aug-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employers are often faced ..

​Netflix, unlimited parental leave, and the world’s new HR star [ 09-Aug-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Netflix’s chief talent officer has become the world’s HR star of the mome..

$5000 penalty after ignoring $550 on-the-spot fine [ 09-Aug-2015 ]

The operators of an Adelaide business have been penalised $5000 after refusing to pay a $550 on-the-..

“Boo” or “Boo-Urns” – Australia’s racial discrimination laws – does intention matter? [ 09-Aug-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( There was much conversation last ..

ATO gathers data on visa holders ahead of crackdown [ 09-Aug-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) The Australian Tax Office’s data-matching program has been expanded ..

Sweeping changes proposed to workplace relations system [ 09-Aug-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Reduced penalty rates for selected industries, changes to unfair dismissa..

FWC recognises importance of confidentiality in employer investigations [ 02-Aug-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Sharon Bowker; Annette Coombe; Stephe..

The interview question tech CEO swears by [ 02-Aug-2015 ]

(source Human capital) During the hiring process, it can be difficult to separate candidate..

Think your business has no pay gap? Only one way to find out [ 02-Aug-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) Five years ago, if you’d asked Henry Davis York’s Managing Partner, Micha..

Western Australia has highest payroll tax in the country, report finds [ 02-Aug-2015 ]

(source ABC) Western Australia now has the highest payroll tax costs in the country, as re..

Aussie fast-food chain vows to ‘modernise’ outdated contracts [ 26-Jul-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Australian fast-food chain Grill’d is allegedly underpaying hundreds of ..

MERS – A Guideline for Employers [ 26-Jul-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workpace Law ( Whilst it is winter in Australia, ..

Nodaji Sushi restaurant underpaid employees and called them “troublemakers” when they complained: 3 [ 26-Jul-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Queensland sushi restaurant owner must repay four young backpackers..

The roll out of single touch payroll treats businesses with contempt [ 26-Jul-2015 ]

(source SmartCompany) Joe Hockey calls it the ‘sniff test’ other politicians call it..

Tracy Angwin - Business Essentials interview [ 26-Jul-2015 ]

Tracy recently sat down with Business Essentials to share her thoughts on employer leave challen..

FWC announces provisional TOIL model [ 19-Jul-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) The final Full Bench decision on proposed amendments to time off in..

How an unlimited annual leave policy backfired for this UK business [ 19-Jul-2015 ]

(source SmartCompany) It’s a policy favoured by Virgin founder Richard Branson, but Haje J..

The Importance of WHS Training During Employee Induction [ 19-Jul-2015 ]

The implementation and delivery of a work health and safety (WHS) induction program is an import..

Union sacks two whistleblowers, faces unfair dismissal fight [ 19-Jul-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) The CFMEU has sacked two whistleblowers who went public about ..

​ Fair Work Commission has 'no power' to remove Michael Lawler, barristers say [ 13-Jul-2015 ]

(source SMH) The Fair Work Commission is powerless to remove its vice-president, Michael Lawle..

Close shave: what can we say in our appearance policies and dress codes about beards? [ 13-Jul-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The rate of men growing their beards ..

Experience or exploitation? Internship debate reignited over $22K price tag [ 13-Jul-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Australian companies are continuing to dip their toes in legally-risky w..

Health club stood down fitness instructor who queried wages & entitlements [ 13-Jul-2015 ]

The owner of two health clubs in Launceston has been required to pay compensation to a casual fi..

A Cautionary Tale About Employees & Twitter [ 06-Jul-2015 ]

In April 2015 Mr Scott McIntyre, a SBS reporter and presenter, made headlines for posting..

Businesswomen who underpaid because minimum pay rates are “just crazy” fined $228,000 [ 06-Jul-2015 ]

(source Dynamic Business) A $228,000 fine has been handed down to the operator of a travel ..

Happy new employee share scheme: 10 tips and traps you need to know [ 06-Jul-2015 ]

(Source BRW) Changes to the regulation of Employee Share Schemes in Australia, which apply from..

Lighter Side: Rejected candidate stages 90 minute sit-in [ 06-Jul-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) They say persistence pays but one UK jobseeker took the turn of phra..

Serco-Sodexo says it won't appeal $11m in redundancy payments [ 06-Jul-2015 ]

(source Canberra Times) Workers no longer cleaning, catering and guarding Defence building..

Employee witness support for employer’s actions essential in FWC [ 29-Jun-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The widely reported decision of C..

Government floats option of handing income tax to states or extending payroll tax in bid to “fix the [ 29-Jun-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Australian states and territories could raise different levels of inc..

Sydney Harbour charter cruise boat company to review staff pay packets for underpayments [ 29-Jun-2015 ]

Deckhands, waiting staff, bar attendants and kitchen staff working on 5-star charter boats on Sy..

Thousands of hospitality workers underpaid $1.2 million: Fair Work Ombudsman [ 29-Jun-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) An investigation by the Fair Work Ombudsman published today reveals ..

Vote for Tracy in the 2015 Eduprenuer Awards [ 29-Jun-2015 ]

We are thrilled to let you know that Tracy Angwin has been nominated for a 2015 Edupreneur Award..

Bill Shorten’s union payments may ‘offend parts of the Fair Work Act’ [ 21-Jun-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Labor leader Bill Shorten has been summoned to appear before the Royal C..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In November 2013, the Fair ..

Public service’s PPL has uncertain future [ 21-Jun-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Australian Public Service managers have been left uncertain about th..

The three words in this company’s parental leave policy that ended up costing it $170,000 [ 21-Jun-2015 ]

(source SmartCompany) A project management company has been ordered to pay a former employe..

Enterprise agreement protects AFP from Fair Work ruling [ 14-Jun-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) A Fair Work Commission (FWC) ruling in favour of the Australian Fed..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( As part of the Fair Work C..

Government moves to get Single Touch Payroll right [ 14-Jun-2015 ]

The Government will undertake further consultation with the business community as it looks to cut re..

Labour-hire operator faces Court over alleged sham contracting and underpayments [ 14-Jun-2015 ]

A labour-hire operator in Melbourne is facing Court for allegedly breaching sham contracting laws an..

Virgin just upped the ante for parental leave, offering a year's full pay for mums and dads [ 14-Jun-2015 ]

(source Business Insider) Until today, when you considered the best companies for working paren..

Court action over failure to pay compensation [ 08-Jun-2015 ]

A Victorian petrol station operator fined more than $120,000 last year for deliberately underpay..

Fathers and babies: Australia is out of step on paid leave for new dads [ 08-Jun-2015 ]

(source Brisbane Times) We're in the midst of a generational shift in attitudes to fatherhood. ..

Frustrated? No, not nearly enough [ 08-Jun-2015 ]

(source IRIQ) An employer has failed to prove that the employment contract was frustrated..

Increase GST to cut payroll tax: Business SA [ 08-Jun-2015 ]

(content supplied by Business SA) In a submission to the federal taxation review, the peak busin..

New Pay Rates effective 1 July 2015: Annual Wage Review results in a 2.5% increase to wages [ 08-Jun-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( An Expert Panel of the Fair Work ..

Effect of federal budget on salary packaging [ 31-May-2015 ]

Simon Ellis from SmartSalary explaining the impact of the proposals in the 2015 Federal Budget o..

FWC finds unreasonable management action but no risk of continued bullying behaviour [ 31-May-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( James Willis v Marie Gibson; Capita..

Increase to penalties for breach of the Fair Work Act [ 31-May-2015 ]

A new Federal Bill, the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Penalty Unit) Bill 2015, is proposed to amend ..

MYOB to pay $14m for NZ payroll solutions provider [ 31-May-2015 ]

MYOB is outlaying NZ$14 million for Ace Payroll, describing the deal as a “strategic move”..

Superstream webinar [ 29-May-2015 ]

Dean Martin from ClickSuper was the guest presenter at Australian Payroll Association's monthly ..

Bank Manager’s dismissal for failure to disclose personal relationship not unfair [ 24-May-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( George v Mihalopoulos v Westpac ..

Far out Friday: Older employees four times less likely to fake an illness [ 24-May-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) A new study is shedding light on the type of employees who are most like..

Federal Court resolves debate about annual leave loading termination payments [ 24-May-2015 ]

Cooper Grace Ward ( Since 2010 there has been ongoing confusion abou..

Tribunal finds no breach of privacy law by employer using Facebook to investigate misconduct claims [ 24-May-2015 ]

(source SmartCompany) An employee has been unsuccessful in her claim her privacy was breached b..

Employers urged to pay greater attention to wage rates after 200 Alice Springs workers underpaid [ 17-May-2015 ]

More than 200 Alice Springs workers have been underpaid tens of thousands of dollars, spot checks by..

Federal Budget Wrap [ 17-May-2015 ]

How will this year’s budget affect payroll? Fly-In Fly-Out and Drive-In Drive-Outs Lose Out – Th..

Malcolm Turnbull urges 'empathy and concern' in paid parental leave debate [ 17-May-2015 ]

(source Guardian Australia) Malcolm Turnbull has distanced himself from other government mi..

The 2015 Federal Budget – what it means for Australian workplaces [ 17-May-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () The Federal Government in its budget announcement propos..

The unintended consequences of Budget’s parental leave ‘double dip’ backflip [ 17-May-2015 ]

(source BRW online) As part of the Federal Budget, the Federal Government has announced rad..

Average salary increases fall to 12-year low but money isn’t the key to retaining talented staff [ 10-May-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) Average salary increases have fallen to a 12-year low due to wavering..

Government investigating ‘slave-like’ exploitation of 417 visa holder [ 10-May-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) In this week’s Four Corners, broadcaster ABC alleged that multi..

Hockey ends paid parental 'double dipping' [ 10-May-2015 ]

Treasurer Joe Hockey will close a loophole that allows new parents to claim paid parental leave ..

Hospitality workers at Wagga’s Rules Club allegedly underpaid $24,000 by caterer [ 10-May-2015 ]

Workers at one of the biggest hospitality venues at Wagga, in regional NSW, were underpaid more than..

Overtime pay error resulted in $4.8 million dollar back pay for thousands of aged care workers [ 10-May-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Employees who worked for Aged Car..

Extreme recruitment: How one HR department handled 41,000 candidates [ 03-May-2015 ]

(source HC Magazine) The Department of Human Services has reportedly received 41,000 applicatio..

Inclement weather pay and leave [ 03-May-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law With the wild weather patterns experienced around Australia..

More than $24,000 back-pay for 32 staff at Cairns restaurant after random audit finds underpayments [ 03-May-2015 ]

Thirty-two staff at a Cairns restaurant have shared in $24,300 back-pay after the Fair Work Ombu..

Truck driver sacked by BHP Billiton for refusing to shave off goatee loses unfair dismissal claim [ 03-May-2015 ]

(source ABC) An Adelaide man sacked by BHP Billiton for refusing to shave off his goatee, a..

Chinese, Filipino workers short-changed $873,000 and housed in overcrowded accommodation [ 26-Apr-2015 ]

A Taiwanese company which brought dozens of Chinese and Filipino workers into Australia to work in r..

Country fact sheet: Singapore [ 26-Apr-2015 ]

Courtesy of PayAsia SINGAPORE Capital:Singapore Surface area:1 thousand sq ..

Employment authorities plan audit blitz on Canberra businesses [ 26-Apr-2015 ]

(source SMH) Employment authorities are planning to to hit Canberra's shonky retail employe..

Full Bench dismisses Employee’s appeal against unsuccessful anti-bullying application [ 26-Apr-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () Appellant v Respondent [2015] FWCFB 1972 The Ful..

'Aldi are trying to turn the clocks back on our modern society to reintroduce serfdom': Union offici [ 19-Apr-2015 ]

A union secretary has slammed supermarket chain Aldi for trying to overturn workplace laws and g..

Australian Human Rights Commission to conduct national inquiry into age/disability discrimination [ 19-Apr-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Worplace Law ( Last week, the Attorney-General pr..

Public Servant convicted of fraud for lying on CV [ 19-Apr-2015 ]

(source Human capital) Public servants have been warned that false claims on their CV..

The absurdity of payroll tax [ 19-Apr-2015 ]

(source SMH) Payroll tax indicates a business is growing but it's an impost small bus..

Who in accounting gets an 8pc salary bump this year? [ 19-Apr-2015 ]

(source AFR) Who's getting the biggest salary bumps, how much and why? Payroll s..

Talent2 Finalizes Agreement to Sell HR Managed Services Business [ 13-Apr-2015 ]

Talent2 announced today that it has finalized an agreement to sell its Human Resources Managed S..

Does reading through work documents while commuting count as “work time”? [ 12-Apr-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has told its employees that they mu..

Employee on 457 visa paid only $9,745.10 over 16 month period [ 12-Apr-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Mr Dulo Ram (the Employee) has succee..

Restaurateur fined, admonished by Court for “disgraceful” treatment of foreign chef [ 12-Apr-2015 ]

The Federal Circuit Court has fined and admonished a restaurateur at Lorne, in regional Victoria..

Woman who sent her boss a text calling him a 'complete dick' loses unfair dismissal claim [ 12-Apr-2015 ]

(source SMH) An office bookkeeper, who was sacked after accidentally sending a text message to..

Penalising for late payments: Proof FWC doesn't have a clue [ 07-Apr-2015 ]

(source IRIQ) The Fair Work Commission has determined that it has the power to inserted penalty..

All systems go as MYOB lodges Aussie IPO [ 03-Apr-2015 ]

"The return of MYOB to the ASX after six years of private ownership represents a great opp..

Employees awarded $723,300 in compensation for closed shop practices [ 03-Apr-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v Skilled Off..

The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia [ 03-Apr-2015 ]

(source smartcompany) Australian businesses are struggling to fill vacant positions, especially..

Your unexplored payroll data mine [ 03-Apr-2015 ]

(source Human Resource UK magazine) Did you know the value and insight to be gained from y..

Check Easter pay rates ahead of the holidays [ 29-Mar-2015 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has urged employers and employees to check the pay rates and entit..

Hall of shame: Australia's payroll blunders [ 29-Mar-2015 ]

Our CEO, Tracy Angwin, was recently interviewed for an article in Human Resources Director magaz..

Template enterprise agreement reached for retail employees in South Australia [ 29-Mar-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( All eyes were on So..

​ Cleaning contractors face more spot checks after $763,000 recovered for 1200 employees [ 22-Mar-2015 ]

Cleaning contractors face ongoing spot checks by the Fair Work Ombudsman again this year as it e..

Changes to 457 visa program announced [ 22-Mar-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) The federal government has announced that it will implement the majo..

Employer’s failure to check minimum wage rates results in back-payment bill for $500,000 [ 22-Mar-2015 ]

A health business that failed to check minimum wage rates inadvertently underpaid almost 2..

Responses to Productivity Commission Inquiry reveal wish list of industry groups and employee organi [ 22-Mar-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Federal Government provided..

Dads fail to claim baby pay cash under the parental leave scheme [ 15-Mar-2015 ]

(source Daily Telegraph) Just one in three new dads is claiming their $1281 baby pay entitlemen..

Federal Court resolves long-running uncertainty over annual leave payments on termination [ 15-Mar-2015 ]

(source Corrs Chambers Westgarth) In Centennial Northern Mining Services Pty Ltd v Constru..

FWO: Complexity of modern award system causes difficultly for employers [ 15-Mar-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie Jam..

How do you find ‘The Best in the Business‘? [ 15-Mar-2015 ]

One of the major benefits in doing what we do is that we get to know and work closely with some ..

Lighter Side: “I’m suing!” – “But you never worked here…” [ 15-Mar-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) Sometimes employees can be so brazen it’s beyond belief – and that’s..

Bakers Delight franchisee makes deal with Fair Work after underpaying staff nearly $40,000 [ 08-Mar-2015 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Bakers Delight franchisee in New South Wales has signed an en..

Hoax payroll tax malware hits local shores [ 08-Mar-2015 ]

(source Australian Business Review) Fake payroll tax emails carrying the malicious Cryptolo..

Small Business Fair Dismissal Code [ 08-Mar-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () Background Ms Diana Menabue was employed with V Bus..

We'd love your vote in the 2015 Trust Awards [ 08-Mar-2015 ]

We are very excited to share with you that Australian Payroll Association is nominated in two ca..

​ Do you know if your payroll system is compliant? [ 01-Mar-2015 ]

(source Talent2 blog) When it comes to continuous improvement of HR systems – payroll often get..

Meet Sharee Richards [ 01-Mar-2015 ]

Tracy Angwin, Executive Director, Australian Payroll Association I have known Shar..

Single touch payroll - ATO [ 01-Mar-2015 ]

The ATO is seeking submissions about the Single Touch Payroll initiative announced late last yea..

Termination of employment does not necessarily spell the end to a bullying application [ 01-Mar-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () P.K. [2015] FWC 562 Facts The Fair Work Com..

FCCA dismisses application alleging unlawful discrimination by polyamorous employee [ 22-Feb-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Susan Bunning v The Corporati..

Industry news: WorkForce Software Expands Footprint in Australia and New Zealand under New Brand [ 22-Feb-2015 ]

WorkForce Software has announced expanded investments in Australia and New Zealand with the laun..

Lack of co-operation results in legal action [ 22-Feb-2015 ]

A Sydney business will face court for failing to co-operate with the Fair Work Ombudsman after it re..

New online service speeds up medical certificate process for ill employees [ 22-Feb-2015 ]

(source Herald Sun) Sick employees can obtain medical certificates without leaving their home t..

Bill passed to remove payslip duplication [ 15-Feb-2015 ]

The Senate has a passed a bill that abolishes duplicative payslip reporting provisions in the su..

Full Bench confirms the end of transitional provisions in modern Awards [ 15-Feb-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In October 2014, the Full Ben..

How will Productivity Commission’s inquiry affect employers? [ 15-Feb-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) The government is currently conducting the ‘Productivity Commission Revi..

'I have not seen a cent': Hooters Australia accused of not paying staff superannuation [ 15-Feb-2015 ]

(source 9 News) The owners of restaurant chain Hooters Australia are being accused of failing t..

Australian Nanny Association confident in-home carers will get rebate [ 08-Feb-2015 ]

(source Canberra Times) Advocates for the nation's nannies have expressed increased confide..

Commission-based salaries: know the legal requirements [ 08-Feb-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) An Adelaide-based residential property company has been fined ..

Franchisee handed $80,000 penalty for underpayments [ 08-Feb-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () Fair Work Ombudsman v Primeage Pty Ltd & Ors [2015] ..

FWO rejects employer’s “bizarre” request to opt out of payment laws [ 08-Feb-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) A Bendigo restaurant was recently asked to back-pa..

Demoted employee not unfairly dismissed [ 01-Feb-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A little known provision of t..

Duntroon workers win redundancy payments [ 01-Feb-2015 ]

(source Canberra Times) Dumped defence contractor Serco will have to pay hundreds of thous..

OHMedia and director Wen Zhou fined for not paying employees in Brisbane [ 01-Feb-2015 ]

(source Courier Mail) A national advertising company and its director have been fined $100,000 ..

Tony Abbott to scale back paid parental leave scheme again [ 01-Feb-2015 ]

Tony Abbott has confirmed he’ll scale back his signature paid parental leave scheme, amid reports he..

Up-market Surfers Paradise restaurant fined more than $15,000 after underpaying apprentice chef [ 01-Feb-2015 ]

(source Gold Coast bulletin) The owner of an up-market French restaurant at Surfers Par..

Companies facing hefty fines for ignoring FWC orders [ 26-Jan-2015 ]

(source Human Capital) A company based in Canberra is facing legal action following alleg..

Novopay Continues to Fail [ 26-Jan-2015 ]

New Zealand First Deputy Leader Tracey Martin is astonished the Minister Responsible for Novopay..

Productivity Commission to undertake review of Australia’s workplace relations system [ 26-Jan-2015 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The first major revi..

Queensland election 2015: Palmer United Party promises to abolish payroll tax [ 26-Jan-2015 ]

(source ABC) PUP launched its Queensland election campaign on the Sunshine Coast this morning w..

Free member webinars [ 18-Jan-2015 ]

We are always looking at ways we can add more value to our memberships. In February 2015 we..

HR3 celebrates 30 years (1984-2014) [ 18-Jan-2015 ]

The end of 2014 marked the 30th year that HR3 has been in business. In 1984, Brett Goodr..

IBM accused of deliberate deception on payroll fiasco: report [ 18-Jan-2015 ]

(source Courier Mail) The legal stoush between the Queensland state government and IBM looks se..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( An increasing number of compa..

$100,000 penalty follows ‘particularly disturbing behaviour’ involving vulnerable Chinese chef [ 11-Jan-2015 ]

The operators of a Tasmanian take-away restaurant have been fined a total of $100,000 after e..

Court imposes $190,000 penalties over exploitation of overseas trolley collectors [ 11-Jan-2015 ]

Trolley collection providers who exploited a dozen overseas workers pushing trolleys at a suburban s..

Vietnamese restaurant MissChu: behind the rise and fall of Nahji Chu [ 11-Jan-2015 ]

(source SMH) It began out of desperation for something to eat in Sydney's CBD and over seven ye..

Abetz launches Fair Work Act inquiry [ 21-Dec-2014 ]

(Source: The Morning Bulletin) Just six days out from Christmas, the Abbott government has ..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( 2014 was a busy year ..

The 5 most complex countries for payroll [ 21-Dec-2014 ]

(source Human Resources Online) When it comes to payroll, Western European countries ..

The biggest cost of a bad hire (according to CFOs) [ 21-Dec-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Most HR professionals will admit to making a mistake or two in thei..


Craig Reid, Process Improvement Group This whitepaper outlines 6 common problems that la..

Dismissal following workplace altercation not unfair [ 14-Dec-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law Jacqueline Lumley v Bremick Pty Ltd Australia t/a B..

Textile manufacturer faces Court over unlawful stand-downs, unpaid termination entitlements [ 14-Dec-2014 ]

A textile manufacturer in Tasmania will face court for allegedly trying to avoid termination pay..

Darrell Lea cops it sweet over fight to stop redundancy packages [ 07-Dec-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Confectionery company Darrell Lea has lost an appeal against a ..

Federal Government proposes additional requirements in enterprise bargaining process [ 07-Dec-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Federal Government ..

Superstream risk management guide [ 07-Dec-2014 ]

Download our free superstream guide about employer risk management, making superannuation contri..

US company's $2.8m payroll mistake [ 07-Dec-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) If you don’t think you need a stringent back-up plan in place ..

Court action over alleged sham contracting and underpayment of backpacker [ 30-Nov-2014 ]

A fundraising company which was fined more than $23,000 late last year for underpaying young sal..

Inaugural report highlights gender gap [ 30-Nov-2014 ]

Last week, Federal statutory body, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released its firs..

Money minus: Payday lender hit with $42,500 fine [ 30-Nov-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Perth-based payday lender has paid a $42,500 fine to the Australian ..

Retailer revamps workplace practices [ 30-Nov-2014 ]

A Sydney retail business has agreed to revamp its workplace practices after an investigati..

Tech One ups profits 15% and pays special dividend, results show UK still to bear fruit [ 30-Nov-2014 ]

(Source Courier Mail) Technology One has lifted full-year net profit almost 15 per ..

Baby bump: Parental leave a ‘minefield’ for employers in 2015 [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Parental leave is a ‘minefield’ that will likely result in increase..

FWC pierces Club’s Appearance Policy Dispute [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( An application to the Fair Wo..

One Vic election promise missing: VECCI [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

(source AAP) Election promises from both major parties will boost Victorian business but ..

Practically Every Notable Founder In Silicon Valley Just Invested In This Payroll Startup [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

(source Business Insider) The payroll-processing startup ZenPayroll just announced more tha..

Retirement village business cops fine from Fair Work for $2.5 million underpayment [ 23-Nov-2014 ]

(source smartcompany) An Adelaide business which underpaid 46 employees more than $2.5 mil..


"Go out to the business and gather their requirements!" How many times do we hear this said? ..

Calls for law to be changed to increase women’s super [ 16-Nov-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law () At its national conference on Thursday last week, the As..

Company awarded $50,000 after employee downloaded thousands of essential files before resigning [ 16-Nov-2014 ]

(Source smartcompany) The Federal Court has awarded $50,000 in damages to a mining company..

Costly penalty for ignoring back-pay request [ 16-Nov-2014 ]

A Melbourne dental firm has been fined almost $40,000 for failing to back-pay two employees almost $..

Direction through Disruption - book review [ 16-Nov-2014 ]

Tracy Angwin Rob Livingstone’s latest book ‘Direction through Disruption - A guide to caree..

$70,000 back-paid to Gippsland workers [ 09-Nov-2014 ]

A number of employees in Victoria’s Gippsland region have been reimbursed more than $70,00..

$95,000 penalty and order to back-pay staff [ 09-Nov-2014 ]

The operators of a former fish and chip shop in Albury, NSW, have been fined a total of ..

6 Important Things Australian Businesses Should Know About the 457 Visa [ 09-Nov-2014 ]

(source Huffington Post) The growing skills gap is causing more employers to search for tal..

FWC review to deal with NES/Award inconsistencies [ 09-Nov-2014 ]

In accordance with section 156 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) the Fair Work Commission ..

Should texting in sick be banned? [ 09-Nov-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) More employees are ditching old-fashioned phone calls to the boss ..

Employee compensated for unfair dismissal after taking carer’s leave for wife’s emergency C-section [ 02-Nov-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) A field technician who brought an unfair dismissal case agai..

Global payroll strategy [ 02-Nov-2014 ]

(source Bloomberg) Establishing detailed strategies for pursuing global payroll ad..

It’s clear cut: Employers must not breach minimum entitlements [ 02-Nov-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsman v Cuts Onl..

Melbourne hairdressers fined $70,000 for underpaying young apprentice $8625 [ 02-Nov-2014 ]

The operators of a chain of Melbourne hairdressing salons have been fined a total of $70,224 for..

2014 payroll conference highlights [ 29-Oct-2014 ]

Take a look below at the highlights of our 2014 payroll conference in Melbourne. Almost 300 del..

2014 Payroll conference wrap up [ 26-Oct-2014 ]

What an amazing day last Thursday was. Almost 300 payroll professionals at our annual payroll c..

Abbott announces reforms to 457 visa program [ 26-Oct-2014 ]

(source Human capital) The Prime Minister announced last week his plans to make changes t..

Muffin Break stores to reimburse underpaid Chinese student $20,000 [ 26-Oct-2014 ]

A 24-year-old Chinese student who worked at two Muffin Break stores in Melbourne was underpaid a..

Rather a mind opened by wonder, than one closed by belief [ 26-Oct-2014 ]

We've had so much extraordinary feedback from Vinh Giang's opening to our annual conference. He..

Sham Contracting: Employee dismissed but asked to perform duties as a contractor [ 26-Oct-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Director of the Fair Work ..

ACTU’s claim could destroy business flexibility [ 19-Oct-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian Council of Trade Unions' (ACTU) proposed cha..

HR manager fails in bullying claim over her Italian background [ 19-Oct-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Federal Circuit Court has rejected an adverse action claim f..

New underpayments claim against Perth cleaning company Director [ 19-Oct-2014 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has initiated proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court alleging th..

Office administrator found guilty of stealing $42,000 from childcare centre [ 19-Oct-2014 ]

(source smartcompany) An office administrator at the Baringa Childcare Centre in t..

Standoff continues over super disclosure on payslips [ 19-Oct-2014 ]

(source The New Daily) The government has moved to reassure super members that emp..

Coles undertakes to repay trolley collectors [ 12-Oct-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Coles Supermarkets Pty Ltd (Co..

Fair Work warns on costly pay mistakes when buying a business [ 12-Oct-2014 ]

The office of the Fair Work Ombudsman has sounded a warning to potential buyers of existing busi..

Muffin Break stores to reimburse underpaid Chinese student $20,000 [ 12-Oct-2014 ]

A 24-year-old Chinese student who worked at two Muffin Break stores in Melbourne was und..

Being a small business no excuse: Fair Work [ 05-Oct-2014 ]

A Melbourne company and its director have been fined almost $50,000 for ignoring a Fair Work Com..

Capped redundancy pay under Fair Entitlements Guarantee proposed [ 05-Oct-2014 ]

The Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) is the Federal scheme by which employees of insolv..

CFMEU, officials fined $152k for forcing their way onto Adelaide worksite [ 05-Oct-2014 ]

(source ABC) The construction union and five of its officials have been fined $152..

Employee makes 141 fraudulent expense claims. Sackable, right? Wrong! [ 05-Oct-2014 ]

(source Marque lawyers) The Fair Work Commission has ordered the reinstatement of ..

Payroll Scam Alert [ 05-Oct-2014 ]

Last week it was brought to our attention that an organisation was called from an American numb..

Child-care operator fined over underpayments [ 28-Sep-2014 ]

The owner-operator of a Melbourne child-care business has been fined $19,980 after showi..

Employees waste 54 minutes per day as IT systems keep businesses in the slow lane [ 28-Sep-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Around 35% of Australian workers complain they are hindered ..

Employment experts unimpressed with Virgin's unlimited leave policy [ 28-Sep-2014 ]

(source SMH) Employment experts have raised concerns about the benefits of giving ..

Unfair dismissal applications and the high income threshold [ 28-Sep-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( As you may be aware, the Fair ..

Ensuring interns help, not hinder [ 21-Sep-2014 ]

(source The West Australian) They’re enthusiastic, highly capable and keen t..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) ..

McGrath Estate Agents says payroll dispute has industry-wide repercussions [ 21-Sep-2014 ]

(source Property Observer) The McGrath Estate Agents group maintains its payroll dispute wi..

Meaty $43k back pay for workers [ 21-Sep-2014 ]

(source The Land) Meat processing plant workers at Casino, NSW, have been reimburs..

UPDATE: FWC issues further anti-bullying Order [ 21-Sep-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( You may recall from Issue 217 ..

Hobart staff share $80,000 back-pay [ 11-Sep-2014 ]

Dozens of employees of a Hobart company have been back-paid almost $80,000 following an investig..

Oops! Payroll mistakes leave public service red faced [ 11-Sep-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Under-investment in training for payroll professionals is wreaking h..

Retail Zoo Group in new partnership [ 11-Sep-2014 ]

The Retail Zoo Group is the latest major franchisor to sign up to a Pro-active Compliance Deed (..

The great public service redundancy rip-off [ 11-Sep-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) Public servants taking redundancies are being short-change..

Businessman to face Court over claims young child-care workers paid as little as $2.15 an hour [ 07-Sep-2014 ]

A Sydney businessman is to face court over allegations he paid some workers at his forme..

Superannuation rate increase deferred until 2021 [ 07-Sep-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Since 1 July 2014, the su..

Why you need a new sick leave policy [ 07-Sep-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) If you want to avoid absenteeism, particularly around big e..

Marketing company operator to face court over allegedly unlawful internships [ 31-Aug-2014 ]

A Melbourne business operator faces court action following a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation i..

Push to end exploitation of trolley collectors [ 31-Aug-2014 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman is urging the nation’s major supermarket chains and shopping centr..

Red Rooster set to repay underpaid employees [ 31-Aug-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A total of $645,253 in wa..

Child care centres “on notice” after underpaying workers almost $170,000 [ 24-Aug-2014 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has put a chain of child care centres in Perth on notice to comp..

International students, backpackers short-changed thousands of dollars in three months [ 24-Aug-2014 ]

A Melbourne retail store caught underpaying its workers by thousands of dollars just two..

Past casual service not to be counted for the purposes of redundancy pay [ 24-Aug-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Australian Municipal, ..

Payroll worker repays stolen funds [ 24-Aug-2014 ]

(source Waikato Times) A long-term Hamilton employee of a nationwide packaging company stol..

Adelaide restaurant underpays its staff $69k [ 17-Aug-2014 ]

Adelaide restaurant Ding Hao underpaid 31 of its employees a total of $69,266 after it paid its ..

Company and director to face legal action after FWC compensation order was not paid [ 17-Aug-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( In an Australian first, a Me..

Court pays out $1 million to worker for dismissal without reasonable notice [ 17-Aug-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) The NSW Supreme Court has awarded over $1 million to an empl..

ATO's 'rotten' culture revealed [ 10-Aug-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) The Australian Taxation Office's internal culture is so poor that i..


Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman h..

Judge orders Sydney carwash to clean up its act over $177,000 in underpayments [ 10-Aug-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Sydney car wash has been fined $90,000 in the Federal Cour..

Report encourages FWO to use Fair Work Act provisions against HR managers & compliance officers [ 10-Aug-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A recently released repo..

Former Queensland Health payroll staffer faces fraud charges in Brisbane court [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

(source Courier Mail) A former Queensland Health employee has appeared briefly in ..

Govt set to take over Novopay payroll system [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

(source The Government will take over the Novopay school payroll system after ..

Report encourages the FWO to use Fair Work Act provisions against HR managers and compliance officer [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( A recently released r..

Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme deferred with no due date in sight [ 03-Aug-2014 ]

(source Brisbane Times) Legislation for Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s prized $5.5 ..

Businessman faces further legal action for allegedly underpaying staff $1.8 million [ 27-Jul-2014 ]

Sydney man Kia Silverbrook will face additional court proceedings alleging he was involved in un..

Child care centre faces legal action over alleged failure to back-pay employees [ 27-Jul-2014 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against the operators of a child-care ce..

FWC rejects employer’s bid for non-publication of name an employee’s in an order to stop bullying ap [ 27-Jul-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Justin Corfield [2014] FW..

Half of all mums discriminated at work [ 27-Jul-2014 ]

(source Perth Now) More work needs to be done to stop workplace discrimination ag..

Further legal proceedings by Fair Work Ombudsman for underpayment of employees [ 20-Jul-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsma..

Payroll job ads up in July [ 20-Jul-2014 ]

Typically payroll job ads increase in July and this year is no exception. With many organi..

Rural women concerned about paid maternity plans [ 20-Jul-2014 ]

(source ABC) Women in rural and regional Australia are concerned they won't benefit from th..

Toyota wins back right to call employee vote [ 20-Jul-2014 ]

(source The Australian) Toyota has won a Federal Court appeal overturning a judge’s d..

Call for submissions on guidance for registration of payroll service providers [ 13-Jul-2014 ]

Following requests from key stakeholders in the Australian payroll industry, the Tax Practitione..

Fair Work awards compensation for employee sacked while on sick leave [ 13-Jul-2014 ]

(source SmartCompany) The Fair Work Commission has awarded compensation to an empl..

Introduction of new bullying laws recommended by NSW inquiry [ 13-Jul-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Just as recommendations w..

So, you’re moving to Australia? The 6 essential steps for employers that relocate staff to Australia [ 13-Jul-2014 ]

Book Review - Tracy Angwin It’s odd that I should be reviewing a book on how t..

ATO appalling in its treatment of public servant, says Fair Work Australia [ 06-Jul-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) The Australian Taxation Office was shabby, appalling, disg..

Dismissal of employee who sent lewd picture and text message not unfair [ 06-Jul-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( An employee was found to..

Workers slow to take advantage of anti-bullying measures [ 06-Jul-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) When the Fair Work Commission announced its new bullying me..

Tracy Angwin interviewed by Business Essentials [ 04-Jul-2014 ]

Tracy Angwin was recently interviewed by Business Essentials Media Production for their July audio C..

Alleged bullying behaviour does not excuse compliance with workplace policies [ 29-Jun-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Mr Tao Sun [2014] FWC 383..

Baby boom: More than 570,000 mums-to-be say they’ll time pregnancy to get paid parental leave [ 29-Jun-2014 ]

(Source Herald Sun) A baby boom could see more than half a million children born next year ..

Employer groups push for more workers to be able to cash out annual leave [ 29-Jun-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Award agreements should include provisions for employees to ..

Queensland Health payroll worker accused of taking $36,500 during payroll crisis [ 29-Jun-2014 ]

(source Courier Mail) A former Queensland Health worker who was employed to help manage the..

Summary of changes from 1 July 2014 [ 29-Jun-2014 ]

Here’s a summary of what you need to know regarding changes for the new financial ..

ACT payroll changes catch 1000 contractors [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) More than 1000 Canberra contractors are expected to be hit..

Are the skills you need right under your nose? [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) If you’re among the 41% of Australian employers iden..

Bringing superannuation into the 21st century [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

(source Business Spectator) Payroll officers at the more than 800,000 Australian e..

Federal Circuit Court imposes hefty fine on Employer for underpaying wages and other entitlements [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Fair Work Ombudsm..

Increase to High Income Threshold [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( From 1 July..

payroll tax changes may hurt their businesses, as ACT government seeks to harmonise rules [ 22-Jun-2014 ]

The ACT government has this week suggested it may delay implementing a change to its payroll tax..

ATO urges enterprise to prepare for SuperStream introduction [ 15-Jun-2014 ]

(source IT News) The Australian Taxation Office has issued a warning to businesses..

Employee Ombudsman arrested and charged with $180,000 fraud [ 15-Jun-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Employee Ombudsman in South Australia was arrested last week and ..

Minimum wage set to increase following Annual Wage Review [ 15-Jun-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( As we approach t..

ACT workplace death case the first to charge manager [ 09-Jun-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) The ACT will be the first jurisdiction to charge a senior company m..

Bullying application dismissed: no risk of future bullying conduct [ 09-Jun-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission (the ..

Minimum wage increase 2014 [ 09-Jun-2014 ]

The Fair Work Commission has released the following with respect to the minimum wage increase (e..

Tony Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave scheme is facing a cost blowout as number of eligible mums skyrock [ 09-Jun-2014 ]

(source Herald Sun) One in ten working mums could secure a $45,000 payout from Tony Abbott&..

HR tips for avoiding payroll fraud [ 01-Jun-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) It’s the stuff of HR nightmares – finding out tha..

Would you allow your employees to donate their annual leave? [ 01-Jun-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Under a new law, French workers can anonymously donate thei..

1 on 1 with Tracy Angwin, Founder of Australian Payroll Association [ 25-May-2014 ]

You describe yourself as a ‘corporate escapee’. What motivated you to set u..

Business groups slam Treasury secretary’s suggestion to extend payroll tax [ 25-May-2014 ]

(source smartcompany) Comments by outgoing Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson abo..

Dismissal of Finance Manager who was fraudulent and dishonest not unfair [ 25-May-2014 ]

Danh Dang v Cabramatta Community Centre [2014] FWC 1532 The Fair Work Commission (the Com..

Fair Work Ombudsman to visit apple and pear orchards [ 25-May-2014 ]

(source Food Magazine) The Fair Work Ombudsman will visit apple and pear orchards across th..

Landscape company fined for threatening to sack worker over vehicle allowance [ 25-May-2014 ]

Landscape supplier Tuscan Landscape Company has been ordered to pay more than $13,000 in..

Paid parental leave changes: what you need to know [ 25-May-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) The 2014-15 Budget will bring a number of challenges and c..

2014 Federal Budget items affecting payroll [ 18-May-2014 ]

These are the main items that affect payroll from the 2014 Federal Budget. For more details plea..

Budget changes hit hard for Japara Health, which enters trading halt after aged care funding cuts [ 18-May-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Newly listed aged care provider Japara Healthcare has gone ..

Bullying application dismissed – conduct not repeated and unreasonable behaviour [ 18-May-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Ms SB [2014] FWC 2104 ..

Government's public sector redundancy budget is missing millions [ 18-May-2014 ]

(source Canberra Times) The federal budget appears to have a gaping hole: it has f..

Landmark decision by Fair Work cuts restaurant Sunday penalty rate by 25% [ 18-May-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Restaurant and café owners around the country are celebrating ..

Fair Work Commission v Financial Services Council reaches Federal Court of Australia [ 11-May-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Like the public clash between ..

Getting sick employees back to work: what you need to know [ 11-May-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Focusing on what sick or injured employees can do, rather t..

Hot payroll roles [ 11-May-2014 ]

Our “Payroll People” service is a discreet, informed and ethical function that has p..

Unpaid work: tips for navigating a HR minefield [ 11-May-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) It’s fairly common for businesses to be approached by students ..

Crackdown on business which underpaid dozens of cleaners almost $60,000 [ 02-May-2014 ]

A Sydney cleaning company which has twice been found to be short-changing dozens of its staff is..

Highest and lowest minimum wages around the world – how does Australia stack up? [ 02-May-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Australia currently has the world’s highest minimum wag..

Retrospective or backdated medical certificate? [ 02-May-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( This was the question ..

Payroll Metrics [ 01-May-2014 ]


First Quarterly Anti-Bullying Report published [ 27-Apr-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law The first Quarterly Report of the Fair Work Commission&..

Government to pay business to hire mature workers [ 27-Apr-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) If the government decides to raise the pension age to 70, A..

Long Service Leave short course [ 27-Apr-2014 ]

The most common issue we find with payroll operations and payroll teams is a lack of understandi..

Payroll and Other Office Administrative Services in Australia Industry Market Research Report [ 27-Apr-2014 ]

(source Digital Journal) The Payroll and Other Office Administrative Services industry has ..

Pressured FWC president appoints himself to expert panel [ 27-Apr-2014 ]

(source Wealth Professional) Following intense pressure by the Financial Services Council (F..

Business owner fined $42,000 for underpaying husband and wife restaurant employees [ 21-Apr-2014 ]

The former owner of a restaurant in Perth has been fined more than $42,000 for deliberately unde..

FWC decision: No error in determining that reinstatement of dismissed employee not appropriate [ 21-Apr-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Recently there has been significant focus on our national workplace..

Junior wage rates [ 13-Apr-2014 ]

Australia's national employment tribunal, the Fair Work Commission (FWC), has ruled that 20 year..

Recent Fair Work decisions [ 13-Apr-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law (Two recent decisions by the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commiss..

FWC confirms definition of ‘worker’ in the new anti-bullying jurisdiction [ 06-Apr-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( As reported last week ..

How to avoid the wrath of Fair Work: Four tips from the Ombudsman [ 06-Apr-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) Fair Work ombudsman Natalie James has outlined a range of me..

Peoplekey for student attendance [ 06-Apr-2014 ]

An item from Channel 9 news showing a new application for fingerscan devices. ..

The Sydney entrepreneur who allegedly underpaid staff $870,000 across three businesses [ 06-Apr-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) A Sydney businessman is facing court after he allegedly deci..

Total Value the Key for Workplace Giving [ 30-Mar-2014 ]

(source Pro Bono Australia) Taking into account the value of all aspects of workplace givin..

Crust Gourmet Pizza store former owner-operator faces court over alleged underpayments [ 23-Mar-2014 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal proceedings against the former owner-operator of a S..

Migration agency fined $140,000 for underpaying Chinese workers [ 23-Mar-2014 ]

The operators of a Melbourne migration agency have been fined a total of $140,790 for underpayin..

What is a payroll outsource provider? [ 23-Mar-2014 ]

Peter Thorp, Director PT Partners and Australian Bookkeepers Network The last few weeks h..

“APPs” NOT JUST FOR YOUR iPhone! [ 16-Mar-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace LawA new regime of privacy law commenced across Australia on 12 Marc..

Employee Ombudsman arrested and charged with $180,000 fraud [ 16-Mar-2014 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Employee Ombudsman in South Australia was arrested last week an..

Coles wins underpayment case, as court backs supermarket over award rate issue [ 09-Mar-2014 ]

(source smartcompany) Supermarket giant Coles has been victorious over the Transport Work..

Increase in the apprentice wages - have you checked your rates of pay? [ 09-Mar-2014 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( Pay rates and other entitlemen..

Opposition votes against removing ‘pay-clerk’ requirement on paid parental leave [ 09-Mar-2014 ]

(Source: smartcompany) The federal Labor opposition has voted against government l..

Why do payroll outsource providers need to be registered Tax or BAS agents? [ 09-Mar-2014 ]

Peter Thorp, Director, PT Partners ( and Australian Bookkeepers Ne..

2014 payroll benchmarking study webinar [ 07-Mar-2014 ]

We are often asked for trends and data relating to payroll costs, staffing levels, product marke..

Company offers no pay in job ad [ 02-Mar-2014 ]

(source SmartCompany) Like many Australian organisations, Melbourne company BigDatr decided..

Greater flexibility for employee and employers in amendments proposed by the Federal Government [ 02-Mar-2014 ]

Workplace Law ( In a week that was dominated by news o..

Minister 'appalled' by McDonald's shifts [ 02-Mar-2014 ]

(source Nine News) Fast food giant McDonald's has been lashed by Western Australia..

Up to $137,500 fines for illegally providing payroll services for a fee [ 02-Mar-2014 ]

Peter Thorp, Director, PT Partners ( If you are providing even bas..

Abetz signals penalty rates could be traded for workplace flexibility [ 23-Feb-2014 ]

(source SmartCompany) Individual flexibility arrangements are set to be enhanced, as next w..

Company fined almost $50,000 for applying duress to Hunter Valley workers [ 23-Feb-2014 ]

A national company that deliberately breached workplace laws when it applied duress to three emp..

Labor's payroll tax policy copied [ 23-Feb-2014 ]

(Source The Examiner) The Liberal Party is copying Labor in what it's calling a "major poli..

Qld emergency services to buy payroll “as-a-service” [ 23-Feb-2014 ]

(source IT News) With the spectre of Queensland Health hanging over it, the owner of one of..

FWO audits brothels [ 16-Feb-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Random audits conducted by the FWO have found more than 70% of Victor..

Fair Work “a sham”: Pollster Gary Morgan hits back as court finds his family trust engaged in sham c [ 09-Feb-2014 ]

(source smartcompany) Pollster Gary Morgan is embroiled in a bitter legal stoush with the F..

Jetstar fined for making six cadets pay for training, breaching Fair Work Act [ 09-Feb-2014 ]

(source SmartCompany) Two Jetstar businesses have copped fines totalling $90,000 for unlawf..

Perth truck drivers back-paid $93,000 [ 09-Feb-2014 ]

Twelve truck drivers at a Perth transport business have been back-paid a total of $93,000 follow..

Education heads say systems improving [ 02-Feb-2014 ]

(source Otago Daily Times) As Novopay prepares for the first pay period of 2014 next week..

Paid parental leave: A most difficult pregnancy [ 02-Feb-2014 ]

(Source The Age) If you thought the politics of the paid parental leave scheme wer..

Red tape wrangle removed [ 02-Feb-2014 ]

Red tape around Tax File Number (TFN) applications has been removed thanks to a partners..

Australian IT project failures spark new ICT governance standard [ 27-Jan-2014 ]

(source The Age) The frequent failure of major IT projects across the country such as the ..

Need payroll people? [ 27-Jan-2014 ]

We are talking privately to a large number of high calibre, proven payroll professionals..

Noodle business operators underpaid 457 visa workers almost $650,000 [ 27-Jan-2014 ]

(source SMH) Bosses of a Chinese noodle franchise failed to pay workers on 457 vis..

Employees warned #dontpoststuffaboutwork, or risk getting fired [ 19-Jan-2014 ]

(source SmartCompany) Ever vented about a bad day at the office online, or wanted to tell t..

Latest target of Fair Work inspectors is… [ 19-Jan-2014 ]

(source Human Capital) Vineyards in the Hunter Valley region will be visited by Fair Work ..

Minister releases more Novopay figures [ 19-Jan-2014 ]

(source Radio NZ) Latest figures show the number of errors on the Novopay school payroll ..

Tech executive leaves Queensland in turmoil after unexpected departure [ 19-Jan-2014 ]

(source Australian Financial Review) The sudden resignation of the executive charged with..

Royal Children's Hospital loses $200,000 in payroll theft [ 12-Jan-2014 ]

(source Herald Sun) Police are investigating claims a Royal Children's Hospital payroll wo..

What does MySuper mean for Employers [ 12-Jan-2014 ]

MySuper is a new, simple and cost effective super product that super funds will be offering to emplo..

Probationary periods and unfair dismissals – watch the catches [ 05-Jan-2014 ]

(Source Human Capital) Probationary periods and the ability for an employee to mount an unfa..

Toyota to fight court's workplace ruling [ 05-Jan-2014 ]

(source Toyota will challenge a court ruling that barred it from aski..

What's new for 2014? [ 05-Jan-2014 ]

Workplace Law ( 1 January 2014 will not only be the start o..

Australian first for Dubbo woman [ 15-Dec-2013 ]

Dubbo's Debbie Gray has become Australia's first qualified payroll manager after complet..

Organisation working with FWO for self-audit [ 15-Dec-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Service company Spotless engaged in a collaborative initiative wit..

Three myths about probationary periods, busted [ 15-Dec-2013 ]

(source BRW) A worker on training wheels is still afforded regulatory protections, says Hol..

Google, Facebook, payroll accounts targeted in major password theft, security experts say [ 08-Dec-2013 ]

(Source The Washington Post) Hackers using malicious software have scooped up the user na..

Modern Awards Review: Apprentices, Trainees and Juniors [ 08-Dec-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The FWC’s decision on 28 November ..

Qld takes court action against IBM [ 08-Dec-2013 ]

(source AFR) The Queensland government is seeking damages from global information technolo..

ACT Govt breached workplace laws in overpaying ambulance workers [ 01-Dec-2013 ]

(source Canberra Times) The government will consider whether to forgive hundreds o..

Employee’s flexible working request refused by Employer – Fair Work Commission agrees [ 01-Dec-2013 ]

Workplace Law Australian Municipal, Clerical and Services Union v Western Water [2013] FWC ..

Family First staffer suspended for leak [ 01-Dec-2013 ]

(source Sky News) A South Australian Family First MP has suspended a staff member over the ..

Help sought for Novopay users [ 01-Dec-2013 ]

Payroll administrators at New Zealand schools will receive more support in using the deeply trou..

ABC probes leaking of journos' salaries [ 24-Nov-2013 ]

(source ninemsn) The ABC has launched an investigation into the leaking of confidential pay..

Abetz to undo Shorten’s work [ 24-Nov-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Coalition promised voters a return to the ‘sensible cent..

Fair Work Ombudsman to audit fast food sector in hospitality industry crackdown [ 24-Nov-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) The Fair Work Ombudsman is writing to 7000 fast food busine..

FWC Anti-Bullying Model Released [ 24-Nov-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( On 20 November 2013 the Fair Work Commission ..

Retrenchment following parental leave – what you need to know [ 24-Nov-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A financial controller working for Symantec Australia was retrenched..

Bullying law may leave some employers high and dry [ 17-Nov-2013 ]

(source Australian Financial Review) The new federal law dealing with ­bullying in the wo..

Govt scraps superannuation, FBT reforms [ 17-Nov-2013 ]

(source Business Spectator) The coalition government will scrap a series of tax proposals i..

GV Bargains cops record-breaking Fair Work fine for pregnancy discrimination case [ 17-Nov-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) A cultural difference has led to the operators of a Victorian disco..

Payroll is officially cool [ 17-Nov-2013 ]

You heard it first here folks! Payroll is cool. To prove it, Australian Payroll Asso..

Superannuation Funds and Modern Awards [ 17-Nov-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission will in December con..

Outrageous excuses for calling in sick [ 10-Nov-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) While many employees use sick days for legitimate reasons, there a..

TAFE payroll information sessions in Sydney [ 10-Nov-2013 ]

Australian Payroll Association and TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute have partnered to off..

Employee terminated for unauthorised leave: fair dismissal [ 03-Nov-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( On 2 April 2013 Mr Babu filed an application for..

Qantas slammed for IR breaches [ 03-Nov-2013 ]

(source The Australian) Qantas has been fined more than $40,000 and heavily critic..

Salary sacrifice confidence returns to government employees [ 03-Nov-2013 ]

(source Government news) Australia’s leading provider of public sector salary ..

Tony Abbott's plans for paid parental leave could be capped at $50,000 for wealthy if PM wants Green [ 03-Nov-2013 ]

(source The Australian) Prime Minister Tony Abbott will have to slash his "Rolls R..

Govt confirms commitment to SG increase [ 27-Oct-2013 ]

(source Money Management) The Federal Government has released draft legislation fo..

New CEO for PayGlobal [ 27-Oct-2013 ]

Leading payroll and HR software solution provider PayGlobal has announced that COO Stephen Canni..

Overseas redeployment is not a suitable alternative to redundancy: FWC [ 27-Oct-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Mr Brian Roy v SNC - Lavalin Australia Pty Lt..

Top payroll candidates [ 27-Oct-2013 ]

We have some of the highest quality payroll people available now. Our recent results h..

Company loses out for firing brawling employees [ 20-Oct-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has ruled in favour of two dismissed ..

Ignoring compliance notices comes with 'serious consequences' [ 20-Oct-2013 ]

(source Australasian Transport News) Businesses are being warned that ignoring notices from the..

New laws hit Qld govt workers' conditions [ 20-Oct-2013 ]

(source The Australian) Queensland public servants will soon be forced onto individual cont..

Organisation fined thousands for lousy wages [ 20-Oct-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) In a decision by the Federal Circuit Court, Australian Sales and Prom..

Restaurant and catering workers keep penalty rates [ 20-Oct-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commission has heard an..

Australia Post sued [ 13-Oct-2013 ]

(Source The Age) Australia Post and its chief executive, Ahmed Fahour, face Federal Court a..

Bad Workwear accused of underpaying teen [ 13-Oct-2013 ]

(source The Age) A Preston retailer is accused of exploiting a teenage employee who was pai..

Just over 10 weeks to go until Christmas – is your business prepared for the annual close down? [ 13-Oct-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( With Christmas only 10 weeks away, it is importa..

ADP Australia & WorkForce Software Sign Partner Agreement [ 07-Oct-2013 ]

ADP, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, and WorkForc..

Business to repay $2.6 million to employees [ 07-Oct-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) National child care provider, Camp Australia is to repay more than 3..

Queensland payroll tax [ 07-Oct-2013 ]

There is a new online lodgement system coming soon. The Queensland Office of State Revenue (..

Train driver wins $95,000 in adverse action claim against employer [ 07-Oct-2013 ]

(source Businesses have once again been warned to be aware of the imp..

2013 payroll conference photos [ 29-Sep-2013 ]

Photos from Australian Payroll Association's annual conference in Sydney on 26 September 2013. ..

Anti Bullying in the Workplace [ 29-Sep-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( With the recent amendments to Fair Work..

Cutting red tape for employers: Minister for Employment outlines plans [ 29-Sep-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) by Cameron Edmond | 26 Sep 2013 The Coalition govern..

Fair Work’s audit on childcare operators gets under way [ 29-Sep-2013 ]

(Souce The Fair Work Ombudsman has announced its crackdown on..

Court action over alleged $56,000 underpayment of young Melbourne retail worker [ 22-Sep-2013 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched legal action against the owner-operators of a Melbo..

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship employee attempts to prevent termination of employment [ 22-Sep-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Banerji v Bowles [2013] FCCA 1052 ..

2014 changes to apprentice pay [ 15-Sep-2013 ]

On 22 August the Fair Work Commission made a decision to increase apprentice pay rates u..

Australian Liberal Party wins the 2013 Election – what does this mean for workplace relations? [ 15-Sep-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Under a Coalition Government there are likel..

FBT changes continue to resonate [ 15-Sep-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Changes to FBT reporting resulted in a number of consequences for t..

Money back-paid to Adelaide medical workers [ 15-Sep-2013 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered more than $7,000 in back-pay for underpaid employe..

Workplace myth - casuals don’t get leave [ 15-Sep-2013 ]

Fact: casual employees are entitled to some types of leave. All employees, includi..

Company chiefs call for means testing of paid parental leave [ 08-Sep-2013 ]

(source The Australian) Company directors and chief executives have rounded on the..

CPE for BAS Agents [ 08-Sep-2013 ]

Background CPE is an ongoing condition of BAS Agent registration, pursuant to Subsection 30..

Employers need to plan for a new Government’s evolution in workplace relations law [ 08-Sep-2013 ]

(source Clayton Utz) Although the Coalition Government elected today promises work..

Prestigious Sydney restaurant accused of unfair dismissal [ 08-Sep-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Terry Forster v Saleh Enterprises Pty Ltd &..

Sick leave costing organisations billions [ 08-Sep-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) With the average absenteeism levels in Australia reaching 8..

1500 cafes, restaurants and caterers across Australia facing workplace audits [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman is auditing up to 1500 cafes, restaurants and catering businesse..

Coalition to target wage claims [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

(Source Business Spectator) The coalition has pledged to force employers and unions to disc..

Fewer than 20 men a month take paid parental leave [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

(source SMH) It might be called paid parental leave but so far only one father has taken it..

Increase to wages for apprentices [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has announced first-year apprentices ..

Payroll tax break for Simplot in NSW [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

(source ABC) The NSW Government has offered food processor Simplot a payroll tax rebate in ..

Shopping trolley underpayment cases to proceed [ 01-Sep-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has undert..

Apprentice wages to increase [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

Unders the law, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) is required to conduct a review of all modern awa..

Changes to Workplace Policy unlikely [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Eric Abetz, shadow minister for employment and workplace relations, ..

Garbage collectors sent back to work after action [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

(source Canberra Times) Canberra garbage collectors are expected to resume work on Saturda..

Headmaster joins his troops in the Novopay trenches [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

(source Nelson Evening Mail) Novopay may be slowly improving, but backlogged probl..

Heads roll over Queensland Health payroll debacle [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

(source ZNet) A handful of highly paid public servants has been sacked, and more are expect..

Illawarra company fined over sham contracting [ 25-Aug-2013 ]

An Illawarra company that hired four workers as independent contractors instead of employees has..

Employee claimed late wages and non payment of superannuation was constructive dismissal [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

Kylie Bruce v Fingal Glen Pty Ltd (in liq) [2013] FWCFB 5279 Background Between Janu..

Fair Work crackdown on hair and beauty industry shows hair-raising levels of non-compliance [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

(source Fair Work Australia) The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered more than $369,000 for..

How bullying at a radio station led to changes [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

(source Radio Today) Director Verity Webb has written this article following a breakfast b..

Industry forum on superannuation reform [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

This Friday I’m spending the day in Canberra at an industry forum including representative..

Paid parental leave a luxury vote-winner [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

(source Herald Sun) Tony Abbott's late conversion to the cause of taxpayer-funded paid par..

The Naked Payroll - the power of simplicity to drive innovation [ 18-Aug-2013 ]

Innovation strategist and author Jenny Vandyke believes that innovation and cooking have a lot i..

$100m Payroll tax cuts for WA business [ 11-Aug-2013 ]

(source ( West Australian businesses got a long-awa..

First court ruling on payment of annual leave loading on termination [ 11-Aug-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Stephen Edward Ryan v Whitehaven Coal M..

Qld can't reclaim health payroll money [ 11-Aug-2013 ]

(source Sky New) Premier Campbell Newman handed down the Queensland Health payroll system i..

Top 5 lessons from the Queensland Health payroll saga [ 11-Aug-2013 ]

(source Brisbane Times) A whole lot of time and money spent on another IT debacle...

Fair Work Commission warns of “excessive sensitivity” in the workplace with regards to bullying [ 04-Aug-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Mrs Karen Harris v WorkPac Pty Ltd [2013..

How Fair Work has increased industrial conflict [ 04-Aug-2013 ]

(source The Conversation) A year on from the Fair Work Act Review, the hotly conte..

Lawyer takes on Queensland Government in battle for right to paid maternity leave [ 04-Aug-2013 ]

(source The Courier Mail) A prosecution lawyer who was refused the equivalent of 1..

Red Tape Nation [ 02-Aug-2013 ]

Peter Strong from COSBOA busts out a unique rhyme style in this rap video about the perils of sm..

Bullying claim payout a timely reminder [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The changes to the Fair Work Act (FWA) introduced to crack ..

Fair Work Ombudsman cracks down on childcare centres that short-change workers [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

(source Childcare centres have been caught short-changing their workers - de..

FBT: Where a 28-year-old business model is a ‘rort’, job losses ‘adjustments’ [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

(source AFR) The salary-packaging sector just got a new face to add to the dart b..

TechnologyOne in ‘growth market’ with HR, payroll deals [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

(source IT Wire) Listed Australian software company, TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE), has ..

Workers face cap on public holidays as employers lose faith after Fair Work Act Review panel [ 28-Jul-2013 ]

(source A national limit of 11 public holidays, blocking unions' right of entr..

‘We’re looking at 100 redundancies by Friday’: Rudd’s FBT changes cause salary packaging chaos [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

(source BRW) The managing director of one of Australia’s leading independent..

Crocmedia breached Fair Work Act on pay: Ombudsman [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

(source The Age) Journalist and businessman Craig Hutchison has been accused of exploiting ..

FBT changes – the impact on you and your organisation [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s cutting of fringe benefit..

IBM, Accenture at war over health payroll bungle [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

(source SMH) The two IT firms at the centre of the health payroll inquiry have ta..

New Equal Pay Case – Child Care Workers [ 21-Jul-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( An equal pay application for early c..

Another reason why brokers should be involved in charity work [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

(Source Australian Brokers Online) Employees who are involved in ‘workplace giving&rs..

Gender Equality and Reporting Requirements [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( The Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workpl..

Royal prank DJ Mel Greig takes Southern Cross Austereo to Fair Work Commission for 'failing to provi [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

(source The Advertiser) Radio network Southern Cross Austereo could face a penalty..

Rudd claims Fair Work Act is “balanced”: Five reasons why he’s wrong [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

(Source Leading Company) While newly re-crowned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has decl..

Tracy Angwin blogging for SmartCompany [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

Our MD Tracy Angwin is now blogging regularly for SmartSalary. You can see her first blog about ens..

Women with flexible work arrangements are more productive: Study [ 14-Jul-2013 ]

(source Women's Agenda) A new report backs what many women working flexibly and part time..

457 Visa debate heats up [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The House of Representatives recently passed The Migration Amendmen..

Changes from 1 July 2013 [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Happy New Financial Year! Given that ..

Employees paid in “free food” instead of wages [ 07-Jul-2013 ] ( The FWO has launched legal actio..

New Treasurer Bowen takes control of financial services and super [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

(source Financial Standard) Chris Bowen will take over responsibility for the financial ser..

Paid leave for organ donors [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Federal Government is set to begin a two year trial of ..

You're fired [ 07-Jul-2013 ]

(source SMH) Among the sillier theories employers entertain about sacking is that sacking ..

Employing reservists: What you need to know [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

Australia’s reservists take part in a number of different tasks, from helping out ..

Excess super contributions legislation passed [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

Key legislation changing excess superannuation contributions tax passed through the Senat..

Retail workers forced to spend wages on employer brands' clothing [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

(source The Australian) Retailers who require their staff to wear brand clothing and jewell..

Senate passes Fair Work Act amendments [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

Highly anticipated amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (the Act) were passed unchanged by..

Super bills pass Senate [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

(source Trading Room) Coalition senators have reluctantly conceded to a raft of fr..

Tax office widens scope to search for lost superannuation [ 30-Jun-2013 ]

(Source The Australian) A giant database of all superannuation accounts is being developed ..

Changes to the High Income Threshold [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Commissio..

FWO recovers $34,100 for dead employee's annual leave and long service [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

(source The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered $34,100 for the estate..

More employees covered by increase in minimum wage for unfair dismissal claims [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has increased the salary threshold f..

Payroll tax lifted as indexation goes [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

(source SMH) The state government has lifted the payroll tax threshold while removing index..

Wholesaler and restaurant face $156,000 in fines for underpaying staff [ 23-Jun-2013 ]

(source SmartCompany) The Fair Work Ombudsman has launched legal action against tw..

Fair Work decision a boon to working parents [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

(source Crikey) A recent decision in the Fair Work Commission has the potential to reshap..

Fair Work Ombudsman targets Melbourne retailers after complaints from casual workers [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) Over 200 independent retailers will have their staff and wage recor..

School tuckshop cops $24,000 fine in Fair Work Ombudsman case [ 16-Jun-2013 ]

(source SmartCompany) The former operators of a Melbourne school canteen have been..

Annual Wage Review Decision [ 10-Jun-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer, Workplace Law ( The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)..

Confusion surrounding public holiday provisions for the Queen’s Birthday holiday [ 10-Jun-2013 ]

(source The majority of Australians are preparing today for a long wee..

FWC puts workplace bullies in their sights [ 10-Jun-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Squashing workplace bullying is something any HR manager can get b..

Legal change makes businesses and business owners liable for $15,000 fine for employee visa contrave [ 10-Jun-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) Businesses have been warned they could face infringement notices wort..

Takeaway shop under fire [ 10-Jun-2013 ]

(source Inside Retailing) The Fair Work Ombudsman has commenced legal action against an Alb..

Bligh defends her Qld payroll decision [ 02-Jun-2013 ]

(source AAP) Former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has defended her decision not to..

Business shamed for deducting wages [ 02-Jun-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A Melbourne-based business has been named and shamed over the practi..

Queensland tapas restaurant facing legal action over underpayment [ 02-Jun-2013 ]

(source Hospitality Magazine) The operators of The Hub@Varsity, a Gold Coast tapas bar an..

Fair Work accuses security company of underpaying four employees $90,000 [ 26-May-2013 ]

(souce Smartcompany) Businesses have been warned that simply relying on general advice for ..

Man charged with $100,000 payroll theft [ 26-May-2013 ]

(source sky news) A finance manager at a popular Perth theme park has been charged with ..

Organisation ordered to back-pay deceased worker [ 26-May-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A Fair Work Ombudsman litigation has led to the bac..

Project management lessons from the QLD Health payroll inquiry [ 26-May-2013 ]

(source IT News) At some point in the life of Queensland Health’s already overd..

The Fair Work Legislation will continue under a Coalition Government [ 26-May-2013 ]

(source M+K Lawyers) On 9 May 2013, the Coalition unveiled its long awaited indu..

Budget 2013: More Money to FWC and FWO [ 19-May-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( On 14 May 2013 the Federal Government annou..

Fair Work Commission vice-president calls for change to commission’s approach [ 19-May-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) A vice-president of the Fair Work Commission has criticised the commi..

WorkForce Software in Australia [ 19-May-2013 ]

To augment WorkForce Software’s growth in the Australia and New Zealand region, Work..

Abbott dismisses revolt over paid parental leave [ 12-May-2013 ]

(source ABC news) Coalition concerns about the scheme went public with federal Li..

Employee terminated for failing to sign employment agreement: adverse action [ 12-May-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Background The Applicant com..

Fair Work introduces changes to justice access [ 12-May-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has launched three new initi..

Opposition releases workplace relations policy [ 12-May-2013 ]

(Source Human Capital) The opposition has finally release its industrial relations..

Vendor news [ 12-May-2013 ]

Frontier Software news Frontier Software has released an ebook on payroll efficiency which ..

ATO to investigate temporary visas [ 05-May-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has announced that it will ..

Changes to FWO complaint handling process [ 05-May-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has announced changes to its ..

Employers fined over treatment of employees returning from parental leave [ 05-May-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( A Victorian aged care facility ha..

Former restaurant managers fined $35,000 for underpaying foreign cook [ 05-May-2013 ]

(source The former managers of a Melbourne-based Chinese restaurant ha..

Professional Payroll opportunities - 6 May [ 05-May-2013 ]

SYDNEY: We are currently working with a couple of Tier 1 professional services organisatio..

Queensland Health payroll hit by mood shift [ 05-May-2013 ]

(source Courier Mail) The mood among those implementing the Queensland Health payroll syste..

Fair Work Ombudsman accuses windscreen company of $100,000 underpayment [ 28-Apr-2013 ]

(source The Fair Work Ombudsman is taking an Adelaide windscreen compan..

Fruit and vegetable store hit with $166,000 fine for sham contracting [ 28-Apr-2013 ]

(source smartcompany) The operators of a NSW fruit and vegetable store have been slapped wi..

FWC green lights longer individual workplace arrangements [ 28-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A full bench decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) means employ..

Big demand for skills of pay clerks [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(source NZ Herald) Payroll clerks have joined tradesmen as the most sought-after worke..

Court finding sheds light on employee vs contractor equation [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A recent decision Federal Court decision is an important one fo..

Fair Work says no to pay on days off [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(Source Human Capital) The nation's workplace watchdog has thrown out a union bid which wou..

Here today, gone tomorrow [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(source Hospitality magazine) When an employee fails to attend scheduled work, the conseque..

IBM survived payroll bid breach after sensitive email leaked, inquiry hears [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(source Courier Mail) Technology giant IBM could have been knocked out of the race to sec..

Payroll staff face axe [ 21-Apr-2013 ]

(source SMH) Almost 150 Queensland Health payroll staff positions have been cut this finan..

Figures indicate support for 457 visa crackdown [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Following the Federal Government’s announcement that it woul..

Lateness losses: tardy workers cost money [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) It’s easy to think 10 minutes is no big deal, and som..

Novopay provider given Friday deadline [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

source Newstalk ZB) Novopay provider Talent2 is being given until Friday night to reassure the..

Software giant fined $18,000 and found vicariously liable for sexual harassment [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Richardson v Oracle Corporation Australia Pt..

We used rival's payroll bid info: IBM [ 14-Apr-2013 ]

(source ninemsn) IT giant IBM has admitted using leaked rival information to help secure a ..

Daylight Saving 2013 [ 07-Apr-2013 ]

Workplace Law ( Daylight saving finished on Sunday..

New federal scheme for victims of workplace bullying [ 07-Apr-2013 ]

(source Mondaq) Amendments to the Fair Work Act introduced by the Federal Government last..

Are you ready for 457 visa changes? [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (IMMI) recent..

Court finding sheds light on employee vs contractor equation [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A recent decision Federal Court decision is an important one for emp..

Stop your confidential information walking out the door [ 01-Apr-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The leakage of confidential information, whether it be via ..

Check your payroll: Back-pay awarded for retail worker underpaid $34,000 over 15 years [ 24-Mar-2013 ]

(source In a bizarre case of mismanagement, the Fair Work Omb..

Evidence in the Queensland Health payroll inquiry is pointing to a focus on one IT worker [ 24-Mar-2013 ]

(source Courier Mail) After two weeks of evidence, the narrative emerging from the Queens..

Fair Work Ombudsman gets new powers to police 457 visa rorts [ 24-Mar-2013 ]

(source The Fair Work Ombudsman has been given extra powers to mon..

Halt the fallout from a payroll error [ 24-Mar-2013 ]

This article was originally published on ( on 14 M..

Penalties under Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) have increased [ 24-Mar-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Worplace Law ( Under the Fair Work Act ..

FWO wins the fight: Martial arts centre owner fined for paying trainees 73 cents [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

(source smartcompany) The owner of a martial arts and fitness centre has been fined a total..

Parental leave scheme delays force overhaul [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

(source Sun Herald) Almost half of all new parents receiving payments under the governmen..

Queensland Health payroll inquiry resumes [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

(source ZDNet) Witnesses began giving evidence to the Queensland Health Payroll System Co..

Security company facing prosecution for underpaying staff $62,000 [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

(source A northern New South Wales security company is being targ..

Termination for falsified timesheets [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( Ms Hayley Lingard v Uni..

Trolley-gate: Supermarket services company faces underpayment fine from Fair Work [ 17-Mar-2013 ]

(source Two more Fair Work Ombudsman cases have emerged of employers b..

Australian businesses have lost $373 million to fraud: Five ways to make sure you're not a victim [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

(source Australian businesses affected by fraud are now losing on aver..

Guilty verdict highlights contractor management risks [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) A Victorian boat company has been found guilty over the death of an ..

Increased flexibility for Aussie workers? [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

(source Dynamic Business) Marissa Mayer imposed a blanket ban on Yahoo employees working fr..

Parent-leave dads made to feel unworthy [ 10-Mar-2013 ]

(Source Adelaide Advertiser) Fathers who have signed up for paid parental leave complain th..

Business groups slam proposed changes to skilled worker visas [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

( Business groups have criticised the federal government’s ..

MasterChef style cook-off in bid to save jobs [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) It’s the type of redundancy process that has ‘union inte..

Your quick guide to IR changes in 2013 [ 03-Mar-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The 2012/13 year is shaping up to be one full of changes to the in..

Election battleground: workplace relations? [ 24-Feb-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The Labor government has flagged its intention to increase the numbe..

Fair Work Commission orders reinstatement of sacked doctor who blew the whistle on first class fligh [ 24-Feb-2013 ]

(source Geelong Advertiser) A Victorian hospital has been ordered to reinstate a doctor it ..

Shorten flags change of FWA for pregnant women [ 24-Feb-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Workplace relations minister Bill Shorten intends to introduce new l..

Business critical of new Fair Work push to police workplace bullying [ 17-Feb-2013 ]

(source Business leaders have criticised the federal govern..

More Fair Work changes: Employers must now consult with workers over roster changes [ 17-Feb-2013 ]

(source The small business community has been slugged with ye..

Former owners of Melbourne wholesaler underpay worker $64,000 – FWO issues stern warning [ 10-Feb-2013 ]

(source The former owners of a Melbourne wholesaler have been fined $5..

Unethical recruiters tarnishing the industry (source Human Capital) Australia’s recruitment industry [ 10-Feb-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) Australia’s recruitment industry must be more tightly regulated..

Fair Work Ombudsman cracks the whip with strategy to chase penalties and debts from employers [ 03-Feb-2013 ]

The Fair Work Ombudsman announced today a push to ensure court penalties and back-payment orders..

APA's response to Jason Low’s ‘open letter to the payroll community’ [ 28-Jan-2013 ]

JL/TAPS - Does the claim “only nationally accredited” really mean it is the on..

Company Directors liable for unpaid PAYG and SGC [ 28-Jan-2013 ]

Athena Koelmeyer Workplace Law ( It appears to have come..

Concreter sacked for "smirking" during reprimand wins unfair dismissal case [ 28-Jan-2013 ]

A Melbourne concreter has won an unfair dismissal case against his employer, after the com..

Employers also at risk on excess contributions [ 28-Jan-2013 ]

(source Money Mangement) The Federal Government's approach to excess contributions, co..

Ask your boss! [ 20-Jan-2013 ]

The feedback we have had is that most organisations will happily pay for Australian Payroll Asso..

Results in for voluntary pay audit [ 20-Jan-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) When McDonald’s announced it would be working with the Fa..

Software worker outsources job to China: four ways to make sure your staff are doing their job [ 20-Jan-2013 ]

(source Smartcompany) In one of the strangest human resources stories in recent histor..

FWA decision restricts ability of employees to opt out of enterprise agreements [ 13-Jan-2013 ]

CFMEU v Queensland Bulk [2012] FWAFB 7551 Background On 8 June 2012, Fair Work Austr..

Prevent employee resignations this New Year [ 13-Jan-2013 ]

(source Human Capital) The beginning of the New Year often spells resolutions, and for..



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